Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cute washcloths

About a month before we moved to our house I decided to make some cute washcloths for our kitchen and powder room.
I made actually about 10 of them and decided I like them so much I'm going to make more for my bathroom and the kids bathroom next.

I have always liked making washcloths ... they are so cute and rewarding... A fast crochet or knit project and they also make great gifts. I have made several for friends and weddings ( and I have posted about it before).

This time I'm going to show you the ones I have made for my house and with it you will have a little idea of some of the tiny little decorating I have started in our house.

I was also visiting Gillian at her blog "Tales from a Happy House" ( I'm sorry I'm posting from my ipad and cannot link to her blog but go visit her adorable, inspirational blog if you have not yet). I was so, so inspired by the washcloths she made for Christmas gifts last year and I started one this morning ( the cream color one) but I was so eager to show you I didn't finish the edging yet. She edged hers in a different color and I loved it...I think I feel an inspiration to start my Christmas gifts ??? Noticed the blue one I'm starting tonight ??? The beautiful cotton was giving to me by my sweet friend Betsy from "The simple life of a Queen" ( go check her blog out if you haven't yet ... She makes amazing projects). The beautiful green washcloths that looks like a leaf you see next to the broccoli bowl were a gift to me from our builder, who has also become a great friend ... I just love them !

We are having really hot temperatures this week here in the NW and I have been making lots of salads and I find that I really, really enjoy cooking on my new kitchen ... Everything tastes better although I only have 1/2 of our kitchen gadgets unpacked ... Beautiful asparagus, great broccoli salad, nice steak, yummy vegetables for fajitas and a nice fish, rice and broccoli is what our menu consisted of this past week ... We are getting there.

Hope you are having a tremendous weekend and that summer is just a collection of happy moments and fun times for you.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments they make my day...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rachael's Blanket Tah-Dah

i I know I have shown this blanket here not very long ago, but now I'm ready to show the whole thing and give you all the details...

I have made this blanket in record time for my pace... It took me about 45 days to finish it and another 3 days to make the border (I had to wait to get more yarn) ... 
Even though I didn't work much on anything else while making it (which you all know is very hard for me) I think it was all worth it...

 I think it turned out vibrant and elegant and I love the simple lines on it. 

Don't you think the border gave a little feminine touch to it ? 

I made a simple border granny style with a 6 double crochet shell finish 

And here are the statistics :

I used 10 balls of

Lyon Brand Wool Ease
7 Oxford grey
1 Light grey and 
2 Cranberry Red 
With size H 5.0 mm Hook
Chain 183 sts
Double crochet to the end, turn
Double crochet to the end. 
Continue in tis manner until the skein finishes or you have 10 rows. 
Change color to red and do one row ...
Change color to grey again.
Continue in this manner until the blanket is finished changing to Light Grey for a row of your choice. In this blanket I chose the 4th row because I wanted the number to be uneven, therefore more pleasant to the eye.  
After the blanket was finished I did 1 row of SC with Cranberry Red around the blanket, then 2 rows of granny stripes and the last row I did 6 DC in each chain space to form a shell...

and voila ...

The blanket is ready...

I'm super happy with it and even happier that me ... the super add knitter/crocheter was able to stick with it and finish it in no time ...

Now I just need to wrap it and take it to my niece Rachael who just graduated from High School in the beginning of the summer. 
I think she will really enjoy it on the cold winter nights when she needs to stay up writing a paper for college... we are so happy for her and her new life adventures... I hope this blanket will be part of the great memories she will build.

I'm now working on about 6 different projects...
but I think I'm going to prioritize a bit and go back to only doing 3 projects at a time ... It makes me feel a bit more in control of my crafty life :)

 Hope you are having a fantastic week and thank you so much for all your kind comments ... I love each one of them :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day ...

Today has been a very important and emotional day for our family.

As I'm from Brazil we have been watching soccer and the World Cup this whole month... Today we had a very important game for Brazil and we won ... And it was so great for me to have my friends here in our house with us to watch the game and then quickly transition to our 4th of July - independent Day festivities ... It makes me so proud to be Brazilian but to also know that a huge part of me is now an American ... So proud to be here in the land of the free and in this great country who accepts me for who I am...

So, today I want to thank all of you, my friends and my family, who have helped me to "become" an American in my heart, to love our country and our land and to be so grateful to be here.

Hope you are celebrating and having fun with your family and friends... We are enjoying a great day together... Enjoying a great dinner, a delicious desert, and a little bit of crochet.

Happy Independence Day to all of you !!!