Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Washcloths in the Fall

Hi there friends...

I really don't think things will slow down this year for us ...
We are starting to feel a little more settled. Still lots to do in the house and the garage ... Oh the garage, still lots to do there also. But we are now starting to feel that this is our house.
This last weekend I spent all Saturday cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning. I was exhausted, but it felt really good to know that I only have about 5 more boxes to go and we will be done "unboxing" ... Unpacking the house.
While I have not had much time to knit or crochet I have been working on a few "Christmas" projects ... Trying to get a little ahead so I don't feel too stressed when the holidays get here. I really want to enjoy and spend time with my family instead of working so much in the holidays...

I'm also getting ready to do a coffee tasting party in November. My husband and I we have a small business roasting fresh coffee from all over the world. We roast it right here in our house in Happy Valley, OR. We specialize on coffees from Brazil and South America and we really enjoy making the different blends and right now most of our clients are our friends. But I'm hoping to expand it a little this next year as my son is interested in working on it with us...
So my next post I will show you our coffee label and will give you a little tour of our website and if you feel like ordering a delicious pound of coffee you can do it right there. We deliver ( if you are here in town) and we can also ship it if you want to try it.
We are changing our label and I'm waiting for the new ones and that is why I am waiting till next week to show it to you... Our website is www.cafezinhoroasting.com if you want to check it out.

I also want to show you what I have worked on a little bit this weekend....
I have been making washcloths and hope to have enough this year for Christmas gifts.
I also had so much fun picking up some pretty fall leafs and when I put them in my kitchen counter look how pretty they look with the beautiful shadows in the wall.

Hope you are all having fun wherever you are ... Even if it has turned grey and dark, enjoy the cozy days the cold and rain give to us ... Time to slow down a little and enjoy the inside, the fire, the hot teas and cocoa ... And while doing that ... Enjoy a little bit of Crochetting, knitting or whichever craft makes you happy.

Thank you so very much for all your kind and sweat comments on my last post about the baby boots.

You make my day ... You make me smile ... You make me feel special.

Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh Baby ...baby boots.

Hi there my friends.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week.
We are having such a wonderful beginning of the Fall season here in Oregon. The weather is still warm during the day and getting cold and cozy in the evenings. The leafs are turning yellow, orange and the most beautiful shades of red. It almost feel like you are walking into a picture everywhere you go ... what a blessing to live in such a great beautiful place.

I have been working a lot. My job is, sometimes, very busy and stressful with lots of emergencies,,, and right now I'm in one of those times ... but I have put out a lot of fires in the last 3 weeks and hope we are coming down to a more calm time.

Because I have been so busy I haven't been able to do much, but what I have been doing has been very happy. I have mostly worked on a few baby blankets. The very rewarding kind of blanket I make for a lot of my friends and family. I have shown you a few of them before. they are made of fabric (which I enjoy doing a little bit of sewing) and crochet around the edges.

This week I also finally finished one of the favorite baby booties I have ever made ...

I saw this baby boots at a market about a year ago. I have a friend who just had a girl. I made a blanket for her but really wanted to make some baby boots ... then I remember the "baby ughs" I just loved it ...

... I looked for the pattern and found it on Etsy ... oh, thank God for Etsy..

Here is the information in case you feel like you won't be able to sleep if you don't make one also:
The pattern is "The Furrylicious Boot" from Twogirlspatterns at etsy.

I have to say I have been crocheting for a very long time and this is not an easy project, but the pattern is very, very well written and they have a wonderful series of pictures that makes it not only a lot easier to complete, but also a very fun pair of baby booties. I'm not one to like making socks or sleepers because I'm a classic case of the second sock syndrome ... I get all excited about making a pair of socks, but after I make the first one I really don't want to make the second one and it takes me a while before I can pick it up again ...but this one was all worth it ... I'm even thinking about making another one.

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures ( I can't wait to see a picture of the baby wearing it) ...
and that you are enjoying whatever project you are working on it right now ... after all it should be the journey, not so much the destination, that really makes as happy ...

Thank you so much for coming to visit me today and hope you are enjoying your week and the coming weekend.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival

Hi there friends , 

Hope you are having a wonderful week.
This last weekend I went to the OFFF - Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.
We have it every year here in Canby, Oregon.
A fun way for all the great people ( and animals) that make the beautiful fibers for us knitters and crocheters and all other crafters ( not sure those are real words) to get together and show their beautiful work of art.
The festival starts on Fridays with just some classes and workshops and on Saturday and Sunday it's open to everyone ... and that is when we went.
This year not many of our friends from our knitting group could go so my friends Shan, Theresa and I went and had such a wonderful time.
We saw so many beautiful yarns, beautiful fibers to spin and the beautiful
Animals who gifts us with their gorgeous fibers.
I didn't buy very much yarn this year, to be honest I only bought 1 skein.., can you believe it ? But I bought a big woven basket to keep my projects all in one beautiful spot in our great room.
I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of my goodies but I promise I will show it to you later.
My friend Shan got so many compliments on her shawl she was wearing we had to stop every 5 minutes because everybody wanted to ask her about it ... It's absolutely gorgeous and it was definitely not easy, but she is a great knitter ... And she did a great job ... 
We did have a wonderful time looking through all the great things they had this year,  but most of all I have to say I had a great, great time spending time with my friends ... It makes life all worth it .
Hope you are having a great week and enjoying every little great moment you have every day ...
Thanks again so very much for all your comments ... They make me so happy.