Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter !

Hi there my dear friends...
I hope you all are having a wonderful April. Easter was just here and it was so fun to spend some time with our families and enjoying some time together.
We have been buzier that ever and I have injured my shoulder ( probably about 6 months ago) so that has made it very hard for me to knit, crochet and even type. I have a rotator's cuff injury and bursitis and also tendinitis in my elbow and wrist. So if you will forgive my absence for a while until I get it healed. I have been trying to read your blogs but sometimes I cannot even leave you a coment because I have been in so much pain. I'm doing PT and lots of doctor's visits... So I'm hoping to be back here very soon :) 
Till then come and visit me on Instagram ( tacistudio) for a little daily dose of of spiration ... Not much need to type .
I miss you all and hope to be back soon with a few new things I have been trying to work on.
I will leave you today with a few pictures of some things I made and some cool pictures I took in March...
Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful spring that is already here to stay. 
Thanks for coming to visit me today.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful Shawl

Hi there dear friends
Can you believe that march is already upon us ???
I have been working hard and getting things ready for my husband's "special birthday" this month.
spring break will be here soon and although we don't have big plans we may scape and go to the beach for a couple of days ... bliss.
I have been working on the washcloths for my daughter, but my favorite project right now is my shawlette and a new KAL shawl I'm hoping to start this weekend.
One of my friends was making this one last time we met for knitnite and I just had to start it. When I looked at it it felt almost like a "knitted paint".
It is Leftie (for leftovers because you can use leftovers for the leafs if you wish) by Martina Behm. I just love it and it is not too hard to do. Once you get going with the leaves the garter stitch section goes really fast and garter stitch is so relaxing to me.    
So be prepared for a shower of pictures ...although I'm not done and it's not blocked yet.

I think now you got it how much I love this little shawllette.
But don't be fooled, I already have my eye set on another project.
I have been visiting Lori and her fantastic blog Lori Times Five for a while now. She has the most beautiful pictures and her trips are just inspiring to me. I absolutely loooove every project that she makes and cannot wait for her next post. So I decided to go look on her IG since she does not post as often as she post on IG (as all of us do) and for my delight now I get almost a daily dose of her pictures there.
She went on the most beautiful trip to the Shetlands with several talented knitters/designers and she loves to make shawls. Through her blog I have found Beatrice's blog and website, Thread and Ladle,  and I am going to try my first online KAL. Beatrice is also very, very talented and I absolutely fell in love with her blog and her designs.
The Liesellote Shawl.
 I'm going to the 2015 Yarn Crawl here in Portland, OR tomorrow with my friends and my most exciting mission is to find the yarn for this fantastic shawl,
Now I think it's time to go get dinner and go to bed early so I will have lots of energy for my adventure tomorrow. I look forward to this day every year and I'm so very excited.
Thank you for visiting me today ...I Hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for all the love you show me every day :) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

This and that ... Beautiful February!

Hi there friends
This has been a very busy month.
I thought I would have a bit more time to relax but time went so fast and before I noticed February is almost gone. This year is absolutely full of important dates for us. My husband is turning the big 50, it is our 25th anniversary and our daughter is graduating from HS. 
Lots of things to celebrate ... lots of blessings to count, but I do find myself busier than ever and between doing all this and working full time not much time is left (other than for sleeping ... which I really wish I didn't need so much, ha ha).
Since I "saw" you last I have done a few things ...
I got my nails done for my birthday....( I don't usually do it very often and I just love it)

Made a few hats for my "Hats for Brazil Project"

Watch my daughter and my husband have so much fun at the Father/Daughter dance for her Senior Year.
Got lots of gifts for my birthday from my family and friends ... Oh boy I'm so spoiled. I have lots of thoughtful people in my life and they know me quiet well ... I'm so grateful and thankful for each one of them... 

I also made a "birthday" cowl for for myself. Every year I get a special yarn to make something for myself and this year I decided to do the Herringbone cowl (again from Pearl Soho website). I really like their website and their style. 

Last week I got my knitpicks order and started more washcloths for my daughter ... I really love this yarn (Dishie) for washcloths ...
I went to lunch for mine and Gracie's birthday with our friend Teresa last week and we had lots of fun as we always do ... I do love those ladies ... We really missed Betsy  who couldn't be here this year but she was with us in our hearts and she sent me such an adorable card and yarn (from her trip to Japan) ... such adorable, thoughtful friends.

My humble project to take "hats to Brazil" is not that small anymore ... I guess when they say "if you build ... they will come" it is reall true. I have gotten so many more hats from all over the country and just got a shipment all the way from England. I could not photograph all of them yet. but
I'm so excited and cannot tell you how grateful ...
I will be having a post a little laterdedicated to put all of your hats and mention all of you who are donating...
My daughter and I are now in the process of making the tags and I'll post all of your beautiful hats here soon. Thank you again for being so generous.
Sent from Mindy 

From Betsy

We had a great time together and had a beautiful table set to have dinner with our kids on Valentines ...

 and I  made cute little Hearts ...

I guess February was a busy month and I really enjoyed all the love and attention I got.

Today is a beautiful day here .... I got up and went to zumba (I started exercising - zumba and yoga) and the day is so beautiful I just wanted to stay outside but it is a little chili  for me. The flowers are starting to come up and the trees are blooming. I don't think I have ever seen Spring start this early in my 25 years living in Oregon. Just gorgeous. I'm not complaining!!!

I drove back home after my class and sat down for a little while to work on my next gift for myself, after all it is still my birthday month isn't ??? ( I'll post more details about this project later)

I fell in love with this shawl and it is turning out just as beautiful as I thought

Now I'm going to get ready to go watch the Oregon Symphony play  the 5th Symphony by Beethoven with my husband (again another birthday gift) ...Birthdays are the best ... I guess when I said I was spoiled, I meant really, really spoiled... I'm so very excited !!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by to see me again ... you make my day !!!