Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful Shawl

Hi there dear friends
Can you believe that march is already upon us ???
I have been working hard and getting things ready for my husband's "special birthday" this month.
spring break will be here soon and although we don't have big plans we may scape and go to the beach for a couple of days ... bliss.
I have been working on the washcloths for my daughter, but my favorite project right now is my shawlette and a new KAL shawl I'm hoping to start this weekend.
One of my friends was making this one last time we met for knitnite and I just had to start it. When I looked at it it felt almost like a "knitted paint".
It is Leftie (for leftovers because you can use leftovers for the leafs if you wish) by Martina Behm. I just love it and it is not too hard to do. Once you get going with the leaves the garter stitch section goes really fast and garter stitch is so relaxing to me.    
So be prepared for a shower of pictures ...although I'm not done and it's not blocked yet.

I think now you got it how much I love this little shawllette.
But don't be fooled, I already have my eye set on another project.
I have been visiting Lori and her fantastic blog Lori Times Five for a while now. She has the most beautiful pictures and her trips are just inspiring to me. I absolutely loooove every project that she makes and cannot wait for her next post. So I decided to go look on her IG since she does not post as often as she post on IG (as all of us do) and for my delight now I get almost a daily dose of her pictures there.
She went on the most beautiful trip to the Shetlands with several talented knitters/designers and she loves to make shawls. Through her blog I have found Beatrice's blog and website, Thread and Ladle,  and I am going to try my first online KAL. Beatrice is also very, very talented and I absolutely fell in love with her blog and her designs.
The Liesellote Shawl.
 I'm going to the 2015 Yarn Crawl here in Portland, OR tomorrow with my friends and my most exciting mission is to find the yarn for this fantastic shawl,
Now I think it's time to go get dinner and go to bed early so I will have lots of energy for my adventure tomorrow. I look forward to this day every year and I'm so very excited.
Thank you for visiting me today ...I Hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for all the love you show me every day :) 


  1. Oh the Portland Yarn Crawl! I so wish I were there to go with you this year. I miss you Taci. The shawl is gorgeous-it doesn't look like a painting. I'm going to visit the link and peek at the KAL your doing. Have fun tomorrow my friend.

  2. Hi Taci, have fun at the yarn crawl tomorrow.. I wish I knew it was going on the past few days! Your shawlette is turning out magnificent and I know you'll enjoy wearing it and will get tons of compliments! I hope to see you soon.. I want to give you my 10 hats. Did you get Meredith's hats yet? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The new shawl pattern is so pretty, and you are making great progress on it so far, Taci. I am going to go check out the links you set up in this post. Have a wonderful time yarn crawling tomorrow :-) !!! xx

  4. It is a beautiful shawlette, love the colours.

  5. What a beautiful shawl, you've made a lovely job of it. A yarn crawl sounds like a wonderful thing, I'm wishing I was in Portland now! It always sounds like such a lovely place, and this just confirms it! Have a wonderful time. CJ xx

  6. Your shawl is absolutely stunning I love it!

    Have a great day with your friends.


  7. Your shawl is going to be beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a shinny weekend !

  8. You are going to have a fantastic time at the Yarn Crawl, gosh I wish I could go too. Lovle, love, love your new shawl. I hope you wear it to the crawl, you will look fantastic with it on.

  9. The shawlette looks really complicated! Very impressed.

  10. Your shawl is looking SO PRETTY! It reminds me of turquoise jewelry. I'm so impressed with your knitting! You go girl.

  11. It's beautiful! Great colors, too!

  12. I hope that you have a wonderful time at the yarn crawl!! xx

  13. Lovely shawl. Enjoy your adventure!! Anne x

  14. Love your new shawl, have a great time it sounds like fun! :) xx

  15. I just love the look of that shawl, it's going to be so beautiful. I love the sound of the yarn crawl - have fun! x

  16. Gorgeous shawl :) I would still like tonal you some hats. Are you still accepting them ?

  17. Sorry think I glimpsed a typo as I was hitting Publish - I'd still like to make you some hats for Brazil, are you still accepting them ?

  18. Your shawlette is beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time on the yarn sounds like a lot of fun!
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  19. Hello lovely lady! Your shawl is simply stunning! And I love the colors :)

    I wanted to thank you for the sweet visit to my blog the others day - your comments were such a joy to read. May you have a splendid day! Hugs and sunshine!

  20. The shawl is gorgeous. Pretty colors. Certainly doesn't look like an easy pattern, but all knitting seems hard to me. :) I have no doubt you had great fun at the yarn crawl. Love Lori's blog, too. She seems to post now more on IG as so many do. Much easier than a whole blog post. Enjoy Spring Break Tammy

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  22. Beautiful colors and pattern! You will fly! :))

  23. Beautiful shawl Taci!...I hope you had lots of fun at your Yarn Crawl too ♥
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Susan x


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