Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Cute Bags

Hi There...
It's been a while since I have been here...been having a moment with lots of basketball, end of school year for 2 teens and lots of work...
I missed you all and have been trying to keep up with my crafting while away with the kids and running around.

I'm still working on my now "table runner" I'm almost done and hope to be able to show you this weekend :) :) :) 
I have also been doing a few things ... surprise ... to put on my etsy shop this weekend... I'll have a link and my new things posted soon ... can't wait to show you.

While running around I have also delivered two very cute bags to one of my friends...
She has told me she is a fan of my work for a long time ... but she didn't have one of my bags yet...
Now she has 2...and I think they look great! 
I know I'm not being modest or humble (which I do strive to be) but they look so cute and I'm so glad she loved them...
Here they are :

One is fabric with crochet flowers...

And this one is Knitted with a fabric lining...

I had so much fun making them!!1

Well, I got to run to my daughter's last basketball game...Hope to see you soon again!!! Tchau!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I love my backyard...

Yes, it is starting to look a bit like summer in our backyard...
I love my house and I love our backyard even more.
It is peaceful, serene and so very green. A beautiful sight of nature...
It inspires me... all the trees, flowers and vegetables give me a peaceful feeling that is hard to describe...

and I owe it all to my husband and all the hard work he puts in place to make this little piece of heaven all our own.

I love when we wake up in the weekends and it is sunny... I can seat outside to have my breakfast and just enjoy all this beauty God have created...

Look at this flowers and all this vegetables growing as the sun hits them... 

I feel so lucky, so privileged and thankful for all that we have.

Aren't these flowers just gorgeous ??? I had never noticed how perfectly well purple and red goes together ... Nature is just so perfect!

My husband and my son built this great steps with reclaimed wood and he puts all the herbs and a few vegetables in looks so great and the herbs are doing wonderful...they love their new home :)

More Flowers... more colors... more inspiration...

And here is where we sit on those nice, warm summer days and enjoy our coffee and each others company and where I do my knitting and crocheting... I love our backyard :)

Thanks for stopping by to see my backyard.
Hope to see you soon again. Tchau :) (oh yeah...this means ciao in Portuguese)  

PS: I have been working on this "scarf" for a month and now that I thought I was almost done my daughter told me she thinks it's too wide... which I agree...

So, now I'm thinking about trying to make it into a table runner...
Granny squares in the edge???
Just a simple edge with double crochet???
Or Japanese flowers in the edge???
What do you think???

Thanks for stopping by...I would love if you leave a comment :)

A Few Crochet Bags

Hi There...

First I just wanted to say that the font on my blog is a bit hard to read ... I don't know why, but it changed and I cannot make it go back to the original one ... I'm trying to problem solve...hope it will be fixed soon! :)

I have made my share of crochet bags and I have given most of them away...
The few I kept I cherish and wear often...
I don't know you, but I have a little bit of an obsession with bags and shoes :) and I think that is why God didn't bring me here rich (I would really indulge myself to a few ...:)
So, today I thought I would show you just a few of the many, many bags I have made ...(I never took pictures of the ones I gave away :(

This is my last one ... I just finished last month...I have shown here before...
I really love it I kept it to myself :)

And these other ones were made last year...

I do love bags...
Next time I'll show my knitted bags. 

Hope you have a wonderful week...
and hope to see you soon.
I'm glad you stopped by...tchau:)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Basketball and a little bit of knitting..a little bit of Crochet

My daughter has a basketball tournament this weekend and we are sitting and watching a lot of basketball games... so I'm taking some time to work and finish a project whichwas due a long time ago... my son has been waiting for this hat since Spring break... but I got distracted (ooops) with some crocheting :)

I have been crocheting so much this last month that I had not knitted for such a long time...I just started knitting again this last week and it just all came back to me why a love it so much...
Knitting is so calming, so relaxing and challenging to me... all at the same time... I just love it.

As I said I started this hat a couple months ago, but had put it on hold...
when I picked up and started to knit again I have to say... I love to crochet, but definitely cannot live without knitting...

This is how it looked back in the beginning of May...

and now ...
After 3 basketball games ... here we go...

It's done!!!
And he looks so handsome on it ... :) the only thing is that it is about 80 degrees outside today...So I guess he is just going to have to wait till the fall to wear it , but it is done!!! 

Well now I'm going to go back and get to another basketball far they are doing great and have won all of their games...Yay!!!
and while watching the game ...a little bit more crocheting...cant wait to finish this scarf, inspired on Kristen's blanket from

Hopefully I'll be showing the final result next week.
Have a great Saturday, Tchau :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Knitting project on my needle...

Since I'm almost done with my son's hat I just had to start another knitting project.

This is a very easy and good project to bring with you everywhere you go. It's small and portable and the pattern is so very easy you don't need to think while you are knitting... well... you are still going to think, but only good thoughts... and your mind can wonder to the meditating place where the knitting starts to work for your benefit... aaahhhhhhh!!!

This is of one of Stephen West patterns and you can find it on ravelry by westknits. or go to He has many, many wonderful patterns and I have made a few of them. 
This one is the boneyard shawl.  He has GREAT books and I would recommend every single one of them...He is a very talented knitter who does an excellent job with color combination...

Here is a sneak pick at the one I'm just starting... 

I'm using a sock yarn, so it's a thinner yarn than the one recommended in the pattern and I'm of course using smaller (size US 3) needles, however, this pattern is very versatile and you can use different kinds of yarn... I have just started and I already like it... what do you think???

I have also made the creekbed scarf of his collection and can see myself making so many more of his patterns. 

Here it is...

I made mine a little different as I didn't change colors as he did, but used a Madelinetosh variegated sock yarn in the center and a solid for the accent. 
It turned out so beautiful... I made it for myself in February to celebrate my 50th birthday!!! :)

I love how he emphasizes attention to details and how the color variations just bring your eyes to where he wants you to look.

Anyways... just wanted to show you a little preview of my new project and to take a little time to also mention one of my many favorite knitting artist. 
Thanks for stopping by...

Hope to see you soon again...Tchau:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ripple Table Runner Tutorial

Well, my dear Sister H have asked me to help her with starting a ripple table runner...
She would love to do one and needs some direction on how to do it...
So, I'm going to try my best to write a small tutorial here.
The pattern is similar to many other ripple patterns posted and written before.
If you want directions in English you can refer to Lucy's pattern from attic24 and you will find a very lovely blanket.

Here I'll be writing instructions for a table Runner(I'm going to write both in English and (Portuguese*) so my sister can read it better)

The Pattern will run Multiples of 14 + 3 stitches
*(A receita vai ser com multiplos de 14+3 pontos) 

So for a table runner you should start with 59 sts (which should be 4 sets of 14 + 3 sts)
*Entao para uma passadeira de mesa voce deveria comecar com 59 correntinhas (cr) (4 conjuntos de 14+3 pontos) 

Row 1:
*(1a carreira)

***1 dc in the 4th row from the needle
*(1 pa na 4a cr desde a agulha)

1 dc into the next 4 chs
*(1 pa nas proximas 4 cr)

dc2tog 2X
*(2pa juntos=decrecendo) 2X

1 dc into the next 4 chs
*(1 pa nas proximas 4 cr)

2dc in the next ch 2X
*(2pa na mesma cr)2X

1 dc into the next 4 chs
*(1 pa nas proximas 4 cr)***

Repeat between ***ending with last repeat and 2 dc into the last chain, turn.
*(Repeat entre ***, terminando a ultima repeticao com 2 pa na ultima cr, vire)

Now you can see the ripple starting and the waves forming???... one wave at a time... it reminds me of the waves of our beaches in Brazil and makes me feel soooo happy!

Row 2
*(2a Carreira)

***ch3, 1dc in the same st
*(3cr, 1pa no mesmo pa)

1dc in the next 4 dc
*(1pa nos proximos 4pa)

dc2tog 2X
*(2pa juntos=decrecendo) 2X

1 dc into the next 4 dc
*(1 pa nos proximos 4 pa)

2dc in the next dc 2X
*(2pa no mesmo pa)2X

1 dc into the next 4dc
*(1 pa nos proximos 4 pa)***

Repeat between ***ending with last repeat and 2 dc in the top chain of the chain 3 from the row 1, turn.
*(Repeat entre ***, terminando a ultima repeticao com 2 pa no ultimo pa - ou em cima da 3a cr da 1a carreira, vire)

Repeat Row 2 until the runner is at your required length.
*(Repita a 2a carreira ate a passadeira chegar ao tamanho desejado)

PS:Change yarn color as desired or every 2 rows as suggested in my project).
*(Troque de cor como desejar ou a cada 2 carreiras, como sugerido em meu projeto)

Since I started a blanket I have actually not made a table runner yet. So, I'll post some pictures of my sister's table runner when she starts it.

Here are a couple of pictures of the ripple blanket I just started yesterday...

It is past 9:30 pm and I'm so very tired now... so I decided I'll put pictures for the 2a. row tomorrow. Hope you can start the project if you decide to start it before I put the second part of the pictures.

Going to make my tea and get to work on my ripple's all about rituals and the journey that gets us were we are happy...

Ni night ...
Hope to see you soon... Tchau:)