Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm here again with a New Blanket

Hi there my dear friends ... It's been almost a whole month since I have been here and so much has happened.
I have moved and we are so happy to finally be in our house...

I will try to show you a bit of our new nest soon ... We still have lots and lots of boxes everywhere. I'm trying to pace myself and be very careful so I don't get sick... I'm not that young anymore and I want to stay healthy even if it takes me six months or a year to unpack everything ... We are not going anywhere :)

In between unpacking boxes I started and almost finished a whole blanket this month... Can you believe I basically didn't do anything else this month, but crochet this blanket ???
My niece graduated from High School and I had decided I was going to make a blanket for each one of the nieces and nephews graduating from High School and she is the first one from this generation ( we have 2 older ones).

The thing is I didn't realize that she was graduating until a month before she was graduating ... So I had to hurry ... And this is what I did ... This simple double crochet stripped blanket.
I love it ... Simple but still elegant... The colors she likes and something modern and contemporary for a very unique, beautiful girl.

I hope she likes and I hope this blanket covers her with love and show her my love and how proud I'm of her accomplishments...

I probably took too many pictures, but I thought I show you a bit of the view we have been enjoying from our house every day ... We are so very blessed ... And I'm so very happy for what we have and where we are in our lives...

So happy to have you also and that you continue to come and "visit"me ...
Thank you ... Thank you.. Thank you ... For all your encouraging words, for waiting for me to come back and for being here to "see me again".

I hope you are having a fantastic summer :)