Sunday, July 1, 2012

Linen Stitch/Colorful Crochet Table Runner

I don't know if I should say it's done...
I don't know exactly what is going to be...

It started as a scarf...and developed to a table runner.
The thing is that now that I thought it was done I just think it is not wide enough..not long enough... but I also do not think I should continue with the same border because it will take over the "colorfulness" (if that was a word :) of the center...

Have you been in this place before? I have done it so many times... where I just don't want to follow a pattern, I have an idea in my head and I end up right where I am now...

I think it's turning out beautiful and I really love the colors and the pattern, but I think I need to wait ...think about a little ... and then make a decision on how to proceed...
Don't you think???
What is your opinion ??? what do I do??? 
Do I make it a bit wider...bigger???

I'll show you how it looks like now...
Here it is ...

So... What do you think??? I think it needs to be wider... My thought is to just continue with the same border and same stitch, but now continue with the rust color only for about 2 or 3 rows and hopefully... be done. 

I would love any suggestions and comments... :)

Now on a lighter note ... this one was not a hard decision at all.
Got this book for my sister this weekend, but I'll for sure go back to get one for myself...
It has soooo many fun flowers and trims I was just so happy to look at it the whole weekend. 
I'll have it for a little while because I won't be taking it for her for a while, but I wil want to have one of my own when this one go away :)

Once again Thank You so much for visiting me here and I look forward to hear your comments and suggestions.

Hope to see you soon again. Tchau :)


  1. Olá, querida! Eu realmente acho um atrevimento eu tentar lhe dar uma opinião, mas, lá vai: eu não aumentaria a borda da passadeira! Isto porque acho que vai realmente tirar atenção do trabalho do centro. Eu deixaria exatamente como está! Aliás, o próprio colorido já chama atenção, mesmo não sendo tão grande e há passadeiras que não cobrem a mesa toda! Ficou lindo... E quanto ao livro, pode ficar com ele!! Depois, quando estivermos juntas de novo eu dou uma olhadinha...Beijos :)

  2. Looks really nice... I would leave it like it is also... Oh, and that book... I want one of those.. I went to our local book store to see what I could find and I couldn't believe, that just about all the good ones where already claimed... just my luck. Will have to go back in about another week they said and a new shipment will come in... Enjoy it!!

  3. Yuuuuummmm! That's beautiful. I think it looks great just like that, though if you want to keep crocheting (and who doesn't?) a little wider would be good, too. Lovely work! :)

  4. I think it's perfect just the way it is! Adds some nice color to the wood table. Thanks for visiting my blog! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hi Fellow Portlander! Love the project but especially appreciate the border. What stitch did you use?


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