Monday, May 26, 2014

Sneak peak at finished blanket

Hi there friends...

I miss you all and have been trying to catch up with your blogs while we are still preparing to move. It looks like we are moving to our new house sometime in the end of this next week ... so for now I have been packing, and packing and packing...
I'm so tired, but also so happy that we are soon going to be in our new home starting a whole new phase of our lives.
While preparing to our move I have been working on a new blanket... That is right .... Crazy me, I started a blanket for my niece who graduates from High School this next week. I have been working on it every single free minute I have, which I have not had much this days. I have not worked on anything else this whole month... Which you know how hard it is for me ... I keep thinking about 10 other projects I want to work on, but I also really want to finish this blanket for her...

Because I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, today I will show you a few pictures, Just a sneak peak of my SIL blanket. The Japanese flower blanket I gave to her in the beginning of the month... Remember ???
I still have to do a proper photo shoot, but I really don't have any space to do that here so I will wait till we get to our house ...
In the meantime ... Here we go... Just a couple of pictures to show you one of my favorite blankets that I have made ...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and since we are celebrating Memorial Day weekend here I. The US I want to thank my husband - who served in the US Air Force for 10 years - and all the service men and women ... THANK YOU for your service and for keeping our country safe.

Thank you to all my followers and all my new friends for stopping by and for hanging in there in my absence... I will be back soon!

Have a fantastic week :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pretty in Pink.

Hi there friends.
We have now started the count down to move to our house and we think we are about 2 to 3 weeks away ... I'm so very happy and I feel so blessed. Our house is turning out just perfect for us and I can hardly wait for the day I can tell you all ... Yes we are here in our house :)
But I have to be honest I'm not looking forward to the transition... The move .
And that is why I haven't been very present here or even to visit your blogs... I just haven't had much energy left ... But I know it is all for a good final destination... and I'm trying to enjoy the journey.
And talking about journey ... I finished my SIL's blanket just in time for her birthday. She had a glorious party and I got to give it to her... However, I didn't have the time ( or the space) to get a proper photo shoot yet. So I think I will have to wait for a little while before I can show it to you. But I promise it will very soon.

In the mean time, yesterday while reading Kirsten's blog, I was so very inspired to pick up my lacy scarf again. She is knitting a beautiful lacy shawl and she is enjoying it so much. I had stopped mine because the yarn is so very thin it was taking fffffffffoooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrr to get anywhere.
After reading her post I thought to myself " and what is the hurry? " I am not going anywhere or have a deadline to finish it today ... So, all of the sudden, just like magic, I feel a huge sense of relief and I'm relaxing knitting away... As slow as I want and enjoying every single moment of it ....
After all Thank God Is Friday....

Thanks for visiting me today and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

***The pretty pink scarf is heavily inspired on a ravelry free pattern: Florence. I modified it a little by adding a few rows of stockinette stitches and I really like it. The yarn is Swan Island - Natural Colors Collection in the color Blush.