Monday, November 16, 2015

I am Back

Hi There everyone. 

After what seemed to me longer than ever I am back to my little space. 

I could probably spend a whole day trying to write about everything I have been doing since the last time I was here ... 
Instead I will just give you a little bit of what we did this summer and will tell you all about what I have been doing lately ...

I have been so blessed this year with graduation, getting my daughter to college, my son is a Senior in HS now and my trip to Brazil to see my family. 
We have been having such a great time this year and our family time together has been exceptionally happy. We made great memories this summer and have done so many things I couldn't possibly start to tell you all the details, but I can share a few of the highlights from our summer and hope to start coming back here to share a bit of my life with you again. 

I have to warn you that this post has an overdose of pictures ... but I do think they are worth looking at.

I continue to be a bit "out of commotion" and my shoulder is still "frozen".  After spending most of my day writing assessments in a computer I really can't stay in the computer for very long and that is why I have been more present on IG (Instagram) as it is a bit easier for me to do it - shorter posts and shorter comments makes it easier on my hands and shoulder. If you fancy take a look at my pictures there once in a while.


Here is a small overview of our summer:

First my daughter graduated from High School. It was a happy moment for all of our family and we are so proud of her. 

and here is one of her Senior's picture ... She is the light of my life.

After her graduation we had a nice party for a few friends and family and she had a great time.

I finished a T-Shirt Quilt for her and Java was there supervising me the whole time. 

and of course I had to knit her a blanket also but I don't have a picture today.

Right after her party it was time to fill our luggage and get ready to go to Brazil and see my family ... We had a wonderful time and spent every second we had together 

oh that was so wonderful ... 

We spent so much time with my Mom, both my sisters and their families and a lot of my family members. Some of them had not seen the kids for over 4 years ... It is amazing how much they have changed in 4 years. 

We went to an art fair and I cannot start telling you how much fun it was

All 3 generations here together ...

Here we are with an artist who made the cutest African dolls and I'm wearing a shirt my mom embroidered for me ... that is her favorite craft. 

We saw all kinds of beautiful arts ...

and crafts ...

We had lots of fresh fruits and saw all the beautiful places we could get to ...

My city is about 500 years old so it has lots of beautiful historical places to see.

and the beaches are just so gorgeous ... we really did soak up the sun 

And when it was time to come back we spent a wonderful weekend with my family at a beautiful beach about 2 hours from our city ... it was heavenly. 

From there we went to spend almost one week in Rio and it was like another vacation on it's own. The city is wonderful and it was like a dream ... unforgettable.

This is the "Christ the Redeemer" point 

 And this is the Sugar Loaf Mountain 

The view of the city from the Sugar Loaf Mountain right at Sunset ... Just breathtaking

We took ALL of the hats, blankets, little sweaters and mittens and my mom continues to distributes them every single week with a new layette she puts together for the underprivileged pregnant women in the Center and in their community. It's hard to believe, but sometimes she has over 5 of those a month and with every deliver she sends a note from where the hats came from ... 
My mom and I want to say A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who contributed to this project. I was amazed at your response and the kind and warm heart in each one of you. Your gifts and donations continue to make many happy  families and continue to protect many babies in Brazil.

This is what I took with me 

My mom is sending pictures and I will soon be posting some here for you to see where your hats all went.

We have been back here for a few months and it took me a while, but I can now say we are getting back to normal, although the holiday is upon us again and we continue to be as busy as ever.

I know I am already so busy , but I have decided to start a little dream I have had in the back of my mind for a very long time. It has always been my desire to write patterns, have a knitting store, sale knitted items ... do something on my daily life in which I share my love for knitting and crocheting. 

Well, I think I have found the beginning of the way to achieve that dream. 

I have reopened my ETSY shop.

I have been making these cute, decorative kitchen "T" towels (and baby blankets) with a crochet edge for over 20 years. I have always loved them and have shared with hundreds of friends. I have decided I will now share it with the world and wanted You to be the first ones to see them as I open my etsy shop.

I am selling the ready made towels, and now I'm also going to be offering a KIT which will have all you need to make one of them yourself. I will also have the pattern for the crochet edge there and you will be able to download the PDF if you want to buy just the pattern. 

Here is the KIT 

I know it seems crazy to add one more thing with all the things I already have going, but I have to say you have no idea how excited I'm for this new adventure. I really think it is something I will still be doing when I finally get to retire :) :) 
Now, I will have to say this is a new adventure so I probably have lots to learn and I'm sure It will take me a while till I get it all right ... I'm also going to start very slow, but I know you are all so very patient and such great supporters you will be right here beside me on this exciting adventure. 

Again, thanks for coming back to see me here today after this long absence and for your continuos support. 
I MISS all of you so very much and can't wait to hear what you think about what I shared with you today. 

Till next time and I hope you are enjoying your fall harvest.

All my love,