Friday, June 8, 2012

Yes, It's starting to look a lot like ripples

Call me crazy, but I have yet started another project.
My sister H have kindly bought me some cotton yarn which has some lovely colors and I could not ... yes, I could not keep myself from starting a ripple lap blanket for my own self. 
Yes just for me , myself, and I :)

Like many other knitters and crocheters I do not make a lot for myself.
I'm always making a birthday present or something for my kids, my husband and my family. 
So... this one is going to be for me. :) 
 I think if I do one row everyday I'll finish it in about 3 months, which will be the end of Summer and beginning of Fall, just perfect time for the cold weather to start again.

The yarn is 100% cotton and is going to be soft and cozy...
Can't wait to wrap myself in this cosy, warm blanket :)

This are some of the colors I have chosen...

I have another 6 colors and will show it to you as I keep going.
I'm so excited to finally make a blanket for myself!!!

Before I go just wanted to show you an idea I had last week...
You know how we are always loosing our Knitting and crochet needles?
Last week I found a way to mark all knitting needles so now when I let somebody borrow it they know that is my needles ( and so do I) :)
Here it is ...

I love purple, so I painted the ends of the needles with a craft acrylic paint and than painted another coat with a shiny purple nail polish (yes, nail polish :))... it's a bit bright, but it looks pretty and now I know my needles... :) Fun!

Well, I should go and start on my (at least) one row of my ripple blanket if I want to wrap myself around it soon ... after all today is Friday again and I feel so fortunate to have a whole weekend ahead of me! 
See you soon. Tchau:)

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  1. I love ripple blankets. I need to start another one! My youngest needs a blanket for daycare. ;)

    Cute idea panting the needles!


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