Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Japanese Flower Scarf done :)

Do   you remember the Japanese Flower scarf I started a few weeks ago???

Yesssss.... I finished it.
And I am so happy on how it turned out.
I love the plum color around the edges and the linen yarn in the center.
A perfect combination for a cold Spring weather as we have been having here in the NorthWest.
I wanted to try making the flower and didn't want to change too many color. And I love it. Now, the next one will be with a gorgeous mix of color...
So... what do you think???

I'll try to take some better pictures later, but I was so excited to show you this one that I just wanted to have it here...
Hope you like it.

I am so inspired by the blankets that Matt has crochet at accordingtomatt.blogspot.com. He did a beautiful work at combining the colors and it just gave me the inspiration to get going on my blanket so...
I think I'm going upstairs... drink a cup of tea and get to work on my blanket for a little while...
till next time ...tchau:)  


  1. That's stunning!

    Love the notebook with the owls in the first picture! Where is it from?


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