Saturday, February 21, 2015

This and that ... Beautiful February!

Hi there friends
This has been a very busy month.
I thought I would have a bit more time to relax but time went so fast and before I noticed February is almost gone. This year is absolutely full of important dates for us. My husband is turning the big 50, it is our 25th anniversary and our daughter is graduating from HS. 
Lots of things to celebrate ... lots of blessings to count, but I do find myself busier than ever and between doing all this and working full time not much time is left (other than for sleeping ... which I really wish I didn't need so much, ha ha).
Since I "saw" you last I have done a few things ...
I got my nails done for my birthday....( I don't usually do it very often and I just love it)

Made a few hats for my "Hats for Brazil Project"

Watch my daughter and my husband have so much fun at the Father/Daughter dance for her Senior Year.
Got lots of gifts for my birthday from my family and friends ... Oh boy I'm so spoiled. I have lots of thoughtful people in my life and they know me quiet well ... I'm so grateful and thankful for each one of them... 

I also made a "birthday" cowl for for myself. Every year I get a special yarn to make something for myself and this year I decided to do the Herringbone cowl (again from Pearl Soho website). I really like their website and their style. 

Last week I got my knitpicks order and started more washcloths for my daughter ... I really love this yarn (Dishie) for washcloths ...
I went to lunch for mine and Gracie's birthday with our friend Teresa last week and we had lots of fun as we always do ... I do love those ladies ... We really missed Betsy  who couldn't be here this year but she was with us in our hearts and she sent me such an adorable card and yarn (from her trip to Japan) ... such adorable, thoughtful friends.

My humble project to take "hats to Brazil" is not that small anymore ... I guess when they say "if you build ... they will come" it is reall true. I have gotten so many more hats from all over the country and just got a shipment all the way from England. I could not photograph all of them yet. but
I'm so excited and cannot tell you how grateful ...
I will be having a post a little laterdedicated to put all of your hats and mention all of you who are donating...
My daughter and I are now in the process of making the tags and I'll post all of your beautiful hats here soon. Thank you again for being so generous.
Sent from Mindy 

From Betsy

We had a great time together and had a beautiful table set to have dinner with our kids on Valentines ...

 and I  made cute little Hearts ...

I guess February was a busy month and I really enjoyed all the love and attention I got.

Today is a beautiful day here .... I got up and went to zumba (I started exercising - zumba and yoga) and the day is so beautiful I just wanted to stay outside but it is a little chili  for me. The flowers are starting to come up and the trees are blooming. I don't think I have ever seen Spring start this early in my 25 years living in Oregon. Just gorgeous. I'm not complaining!!!

I drove back home after my class and sat down for a little while to work on my next gift for myself, after all it is still my birthday month isn't ??? ( I'll post more details about this project later)

I fell in love with this shawl and it is turning out just as beautiful as I thought

Now I'm going to get ready to go watch the Oregon Symphony play  the 5th Symphony by Beethoven with my husband (again another birthday gift) ...Birthdays are the best ... I guess when I said I was spoiled, I meant really, really spoiled... I'm so very excited !!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by to see me again ... you make my day !!! 



  1. Hi Taci...what a fun post full of love and gifts and fun and joy.. have you gotten Meredith's hats yet? You've had a fantastic birthday month! We went to the alpaca farm near Hood River today.. what fun that was! We three girls need to go together someday. They have spinning wheels, alpaca to spin, spun and dyed alpaca.. and lots of cute babies to see! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Fun time in Feb. It is amazing how the buds and blooms are popping up all over the place. I bought a pretty Lenten Rose hellebore at Costco this afternoon. I had two last year but one didn't make if for some reason. So am trying to get it to sprout again. So this one will take it's place....if the other one comes back the more the merrier! I am having a fun birthday month as well. Fun to get all those lovely gifts, huh? Hugs and take care, my friend!

  3. Belated birthday greetings Taci. It looks as though you were thoroughly spoiled - deservedly so. Your nails look very pretty. I like having mine done! I hope to send my hats across ' the pond' :-) soon. You have a wonderful collection already. Enjoy the last week of February. Anne x

  4. Taci, it sounds like you're having a good month, I'm wishing you a belated happy birthday. It's lovely to have discovered your blog, I shall look forward to following your adventures. I've seen so many people making beautiful little hats for your project, you should be very proud of what you're achieving, it's quite amazing. CJ xx

  5. What a fabulous birthday you have been having and are having! Happy Birthday!!!!! I am so pleased that so many people are joining in with the hats, how great is that! I really must set to and make some!! Wonderful presents that you received how kind and lovely your friends and family are - because you are such a kind and lovely person yourself!! xx

  6. Belated birthday wishes to you my friend I hope your day was as special as you are.


  7. Happy birthday! It sounds like you've had a wonderful month. Getting nails done is such a fun treat! And all your wonderful gifts. Your cowl is so pretty and the shawl is really neat how it feathers out. Wishing you a terrific day today. Enjoy your warm temperatures and budding trees. We still have snow and it was in the teens temperature wise when I got up. Take care, Heather

  8. Taci, first of all Happy, Happy Birthday I am so glad you were appropriately spoiled and that you treat yourself. I am afraid my hats are lost in the mail, I sent them two weeks ago!!!!!! I will be so sad if my five are not included in your trip.

  9. Wow that shawl is going to be beautiful...I like the way it is being knitted....what is it called?

  10. Happy Birthday Taci! I'm glad you've had such a good February. All sounds fab.xx

  11. Great post and lovely series of photos.

  12. Lovely post. Oh I love the shawl you are working on and the cowl looks very warm and lovely, too. :) I adore Beethoven's music...and did you know that some of his best work was created when he was almost totally deaf later in his life? Remarkable. :) Blessings always.

  13. Taci, I really enjoyed this post, so full of happiness and joy...and love. It seems your birthday is turning into a week long event just like mine! Your new scarf is looking very pretty and so are you my friend.

  14. Fun birthday celebrations! How wonderful!

    The shawl is gorgeous--I can't wait to see more progress. =)

  15. Oh, and those little sweaters from Betsy--SSOOOO precious! ;-)

  16. I am so glad you are having such a Happy Birthday Month, Taci :-) and I am so glad I got to celebrate with you! Your birthday cowl is lovely and the shawl you have started is already stunning. I got some primroses for my birthday, but have been enjoying them inside although I think they could be ok outside because it has been so mild out. It is so exciting to see the baby hats flying in to your home and I hope to contribute, too. Wishing you and yours much joy, my friend. xx

  17. Your shawl looks beautiful. A very interesting design.

  18. Happy Birthday, Taci, a little bit late. I think it's super that we share a birthday month. I was 64 on Feb 13. It looks like you were properly spoiled as you should be. I'm working on my hats and will get them to you as soon as I can.

  19. What a stunning post here! And a happy belated birthday to you! I love all of the pieces you created!! That cowl is fantastic! And the shot of your daughter and husband is adorable!!! I will be following you on blogloving as blogger has been acting up for me and is not letting me add more blogs to my GFC. Look forward to journeying along with you! Nicole


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