Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter !

Hi there my dear friends...
I hope you all are having a wonderful April. Easter was just here and it was so fun to spend some time with our families and enjoying some time together.
We have been buzier that ever and I have injured my shoulder ( probably about 6 months ago) so that has made it very hard for me to knit, crochet and even type. I have a rotator's cuff injury and bursitis and also tendinitis in my elbow and wrist. So if you will forgive my absence for a while until I get it healed. I have been trying to read your blogs but sometimes I cannot even leave you a coment because I have been in so much pain. I'm doing PT and lots of doctor's visits... So I'm hoping to be back here very soon :) 
Till then come and visit me on Instagram ( tacistudio) for a little daily dose of of spiration ... Not much need to type .
I miss you all and hope to be back soon with a few new things I have been trying to work on.
I will leave you today with a few pictures of some things I made and some cool pictures I took in March...
Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful spring that is already here to stay. 
Thanks for coming to visit me today.



  1. I am sorry to hear about your injury and hope you will be much improved soon. Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your injury and hope you will be much improved soon. Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

  3. Beautiful flowers sweet Taci and the shawl is gorgeous. I've been praying for you and your shoulder and arm. Just take care of yourself and we'll be right here waiting when you are in less pain.
    Blessings always my friend,

  4. Oh Taci, you poor thing! How painful that must be! You take it easy and get healed up new will wait.
    XO Kris

  5. Hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon.

  6. Looks like spring has definitely "sprung" in your area. We are still waiting for buds to open. Won't be long now I hope. Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you will recover soon. Have a great day, Heather

  7. So sorry to hear about your shoulder, I hope that it heals very quickly it must be very frustrating for you not being able to do the things you enjoy! take care and I will see you on instagram. :) xx

  8. Oh sweet Taci, I hope you are all healed up quickly. I have been missing you! Sending you a big healing hug,

  9. Lovely to hear from you, but not to hear about your shoulder, I have had a painful shoulder injury in the past that flairs up sometimes so I can understand your pain and am sending you all good thoughts and hopes that all will be well again very soon. Take care of yourself and make sure to rest/exercise as instructed, it really does make all the difference. xx

  10. Your photos are just stunning! The shot of your eggs is beautiful!!! And your yarn projects up there are unbelievable! I do hope that you start feeling better soon! Here is to a great week! Nicole xo

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder injury, Taci. I hope it's better soon. It's nice to see an update from you. Take care of yourself.

  12. So sorry about your injury, Taci, and I hope you heal quickly! You have captured some beautiful images of the flowers and sun around you and your shawl is stunning! I will try to figure out how to visit you on Instagram :) xx

  13. Oh another shoulder/arm injury! So many of us crocheters and knitters have problems with that. I hope you get healed up quickly and your pain is relieved. I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't get to comment on your beautiful shawlette! It is gorgeous! I love the turquoise and beige colors together. You did a great job on it. It looks complicated. Get well soon!

  14. Poor Taci! I didn't know you were having so many pain issues! You and I are a pair as my shoulder has hurt since I fell at the pool. Happily it hasn't kept me from crocheting. See you soon!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Healing Hugs to you, Taci. I know how painful the shoulder injury can be from first hand experience. Take care and let your body heal. We will be here where you are back to yourself.


  16. I am sorry to hear about your injury, it's painful and I do hope you'll be better soon. At the moment I have inflammation in two fingers which makes everything go slowly in these days.

    Love the pictures :o)
    Take care of yourself and get well soon.

    Greetings from Denmark.

  17. Hope that you heal quickly Taci. x

  18. Oh my! I had something called "frozen shoulder" and in the beginning the pain was so terrible! I know what you mean about not being able to do even the simplest thing. However--I did eventually recover--so keep the faith! I love your shawlette. I am just a beginner knitter. Maybe one day I will be able to make something so pretty.

  19. Hi Taci, sorry to hear you are having such pain. No good for all the things we want and need to do every day with our arms. Everything sure looks lovely where you are. Hope you've had a good week. Best wishes, Tammy

  20. Hello Taci I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain and I hope you heal up quickly. How lovely your photos are here!
    Take care, sending love.
    Helen xox

  21. Beautiful pictures. I'm sorry to hear about your pains and hope it heals up soon. It's such a pity you can't knit or crochet while you are sore.

  22. Hi Taci - I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder and arm injuries. Years ago I had both bursitis and a torn rotator cuff and they were no fun at all! Right now my husband and my sister both have shoulder injuries, so there is a lot of PT going on in the family. Hang in there - it will get better (slowly).

    Your flowers are so beautiful - we are only beginning to have daffodils here in Wisconsin, and new little leaves on everything else.

    P.S. I'm about to post another baby hat pattern inspired by Hats for Brazil. :)

  23. Stunning!
    Everything is beautiful, here!!
    I hope you stay well.

    Greetings from Brazil


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