Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finished the baby blanket

Hi there friends.
This has been such a busy time in our lives I sometimes am worried life is going to pass me by ...

I'm still trying to enjoy each moment and not take any day or minute for granted. I'm blessed beyond believe and I'm grateful.
However, the only thing I really wish I had a little bit more is exactly what I cannot have ...
... T. I. M. E. ...

I feel like the more I do ... The more there is for me to do... But I know I'm not alone... There are hundreds of other working moms out there that share the same feelings I do.
For now I just want you to know our house is in the final stages of getting ready and we are hopefully moving in about a month... We are super busy.

So if I haven't popped in here very often it is because I'm starting to pack, still choosing some of the things to go in the house, working, taking care of the kids ( who thank God are now pretty independent teenagers) and trying when I have a few minutes to keep crocheting and knitting...

I have actually almost finished the Japanese flower blanket ( working on trying to crochet an edge but couldn't find a Japanese flower blanket with an edge anywhere) and starting another blanket for my niece who graduates from HS this summer( yes, call me crazy).

So.... Hope you understand that it's not I don't want to be here... I miss you all and I keep trying to pop my head at your blogs and visit you all as often as I can... I'm just a little busier than I anticipated ... But I'm sure things will get back to normal and our lives will take shape very soon.

Thanks for staying with me and for all your visits ... I appreciate all of you so very much !!!

Before you go take a look at the cute little blanket and hat I finally finished and took it to my friend today...the baby's gramma... I can't wait to see a picture of her all bundled up with her new blanket and hat :)

Have a wonderful rest of your week :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rock a bye Baby... A little hat and blanket for a precious New One ...

I don't have much to tell you dear friends as I have been working on my SIL's blanket like a crazy person. It needs to be done by May 2nd and I think I will make it ... But while I'm furiously working on the blanket I made a little detour...

One of my friends is having a granddaughter...

The cutest thing ever. . . She had to have surgery right when she was born, but she is doing really well.

I meet my friend this Tuesday and wanted to have a blanket and a hat for her. I have been working on it this weekend. I made the hat with my own pattern and just finished sewing the blanket so I'm now going to crochet a border on it. I also decided to make a little bunny for her since we are so close to Easter... Although I'm not done with the gift I wanted to show you what I have been up to this weekend. I will show the final project as soon as it is done.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week ahead will be even better.

Thank you to all my new followers for joining in our fun and to all of you for your visit.

PS: I also wanted to tell you I was so very excited this week as I looked at my comments and Lucy ( yes, "the Lucy") from Attic 24 made a comment on my Japanese flower blanket ... I felt so happy and so excited to have such a crochet "guru" make a comment on my simple blanket) ... Such a happy moment ... Thanks Lucy for taking the time to look and make a comment on my blanket) :) :) :)