Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Friends... A Great Christmas Present.

It's Christmas time...the most wonderful time of the year...

I have been planning and hoping to meet two new friends which I have met "blogging" and today it was the day... 
Yes, today I feel so blessed and happy that I have met Teresa from and 

Two lovely ladies who I'm so happy I met and who I know now we will be friends for a long time.
We have so many things in common and I'm looking forward to this great friendship we just started.


We had such a great time together...great conversation... and exchanging gifts... 

 I got this gorgeous
patriotic earings, which Teresa made and the beautiful card with a picture of her farm.

and this beautiful star with the wonderful card from Gracie.

Here is Gracie showing her gifts...

And here is Teresa...

You see now why I feel so blessed?? ?It is Christmas season and I got the most precious Christmas friends:)
My heart is happy today.

Just a little note before I go...
I have been busy, getting ready for Christmas, which is just around the corner, but this last Tuesday i got a little bit of a winter wonderland around my house and it inspired me ...

So I got a some snow flakes inside ...
sooo much fun!!! I think I'll leave them in a little longer after Christmas is over...

I also wanted to thank all my new followers and all of you who come to visit...I'm so happy you stopped by to see me today.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and that the spirit of Christmas brightens your day...


  1. How heart warming to meet blogging friends!

  2. Hi Taci....I am so happy that you Gracie and Teresa live so close that you all can spend a little time with each other outside of blogging. I am so get to wake up to all that gorgeous snow!!!!! It's beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family~

  3. Thanks so much for meeting Teresa and me yesterday, Taci! I am still smiling as I think of our time together and I look forward to future meetings. The pretty red bird you gave me is perched in my Christmas tree and looks very festive and at home :) xx from Gracie

  4. Hi Taci! What a coincidence....I just read the post on Gracie's blog about your luncheon! I know Gracie and Teresa, and adore them both! Then I saw that I had a new follower, and as I always do, I go visit anyone new to my blog, and lo and behold it is you!!
    I read several posts back, and loved reading a bit about you! You make beautiful things, and have a beautiful family! I am looking forward to getting to know you a bit!!

  5. Hi Taci, I don't know how I missed this post but I did, maybe it was good because I am so jealous! You have met two of my very favorite blogging friends and I wish so much I could have been there with all of you.
    Happy new Year!

  6. MERRY Christmas Taci and happy new year! Enjoy meeting your new pals!


I love to hear all of your comments and I feel special that you took the time to visit me here today :)