Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Washcloths in the Fall

Hi there friends...

I really don't think things will slow down this year for us ...
We are starting to feel a little more settled. Still lots to do in the house and the garage ... Oh the garage, still lots to do there also. But we are now starting to feel that this is our house.
This last weekend I spent all Saturday cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning. I was exhausted, but it felt really good to know that I only have about 5 more boxes to go and we will be done "unboxing" ... Unpacking the house.
While I have not had much time to knit or crochet I have been working on a few "Christmas" projects ... Trying to get a little ahead so I don't feel too stressed when the holidays get here. I really want to enjoy and spend time with my family instead of working so much in the holidays...

I'm also getting ready to do a coffee tasting party in November. My husband and I we have a small business roasting fresh coffee from all over the world. We roast it right here in our house in Happy Valley, OR. We specialize on coffees from Brazil and South America and we really enjoy making the different blends and right now most of our clients are our friends. But I'm hoping to expand it a little this next year as my son is interested in working on it with us...
So my next post I will show you our coffee label and will give you a little tour of our website and if you feel like ordering a delicious pound of coffee you can do it right there. We deliver ( if you are here in town) and we can also ship it if you want to try it.
We are changing our label and I'm waiting for the new ones and that is why I am waiting till next week to show it to you... Our website is www.cafezinhoroasting.com if you want to check it out.

I also want to show you what I have worked on a little bit this weekend....
I have been making washcloths and hope to have enough this year for Christmas gifts.
I also had so much fun picking up some pretty fall leafs and when I put them in my kitchen counter look how pretty they look with the beautiful shadows in the wall.

Hope you are all having fun wherever you are ... Even if it has turned grey and dark, enjoy the cozy days the cold and rain give to us ... Time to slow down a little and enjoy the inside, the fire, the hot teas and cocoa ... And while doing that ... Enjoy a little bit of Crochetting, knitting or whichever craft makes you happy.

Thank you so very much for all your kind and sweat comments on my last post about the baby boots.

You make my day ... You make me smile ... You make me feel special.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Beautiful leaves. Beautiful yarn. And I can't wait to try some of your coffee!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. That is neat about your coffee business. I'm looking forward to your post on it and learning more. Your wash cloth is a really pretty design. I just know the simple knit and purl stitches. I like the texture in the cloth. We spent some time unpacking some boxes last weekend as well. Still not 100%, but getting there. :-) Take care, Heather

  3. I absolutely love your knitting, so cosy, and the colour is super.

    I love the Autumn, it is my favourite season. Already the lamps are lit, my daughter has been baking, just love being cosy!


  4. I love the Autumn leaves on the work top they make a lovely display. I too have crocheted a pile of wash cloths for gifts, they are ideal stocking gifts, made with love.

  5. Hi Taci, I'm so glad that you're settling into your house finally. Next week I'll be helping unpack Mandy's new house in DC. The autumn leaves are so pretty on your counter top. I love your house. It's so pretty but also cozy. Those washcloths are beautiful Taci. Could I ask for the pattern? Love and miss you my friend.

  6. Lovely Autumn leaves and your washcloth is going to be lovely too, I'm doing the same at the moment, I may knit some too in fact maybe I could increase the size of the block a week and use those, you are brilliant Taci you have given me inspiration haha, your coffee business sounds very interesting and I'm pleased that you are settling well into your new home. :) xx

  7. I like your knitting and the fall leaves too ! love so much thses autumnal colors .... have a lovely day !

  8. Glad home is feeling like home! I have been trying to sort out 'stuff' de cluttering! My knee prevents me doing some of the things I'd like to get on with but hopefully soon be able to get on with everything. I love Autumn , the colours,cooler days and being warm and cosy indoors crafting. Look forward to reading more about your coffee. Hugs Anne x

  9. You are special!!!! I think you are putting much more thought into that lovely dishcloth than I put into mine. It is going to be beautiful. So glad you are near completion with the unpacking. Home is a wonderful place isn't it?

  10. Lovely post. The dishcloth you're making is beautiful - your stitches all look so perfect! I, too, just love this time of year - there's just such a warm cozy feeling to it.

  11. My husband is a huge coffee drinker and I am a weekend drinker also. (the decaf kind) . I look forward to buying your coffee as well.

    I love the dishcloth. I have plans to make a lor more of those. I use them in the bathrooms though (to bath), they allow soap to soap up so well and feel really good on your skin. I think a set would make a very nice gift.

  12. Lovely pattern...
    Have a nice day !

  13. Your cloth is very nice, and so are your leaves! I hope that all goes well with the coffee tasting and the expansion of your business. Well done on being so very close to having all the unpacking done, it will be wonderful when it is all done! xx

  14. Beautiful washcloth and leaves, Taci! Blogger has been challenging me as well. I left comments on all your last posts I missed, so I hope you get them. My blogroll has not been working well for several months and I don't know why either. I am glad for Blogger though and glad that we met through it...and it is free :) Blessings to you and yours! xx

  15. That surely is a very pretty dishcloth Taci and the Autumn leaves are so rich and colourful. It's nice to hear that you are almost through with the unpacking and feeling more settled into your gorgeous new home. I wish you well with the coffee tasting and the growth of your business - that all sounds very exciting.
    Thank you so much for your very kind and caring message on mine - it does feel very good to be catching up with everyone again - I'm slowly getting there …. Warm hugs, Joy xo

  16. Hello Taci, it's nice to hear you're settling in to your new home and that it's starting to feel like home to you. Good luck with your coffee business, how adventurous of you.
    Pretty dishcloths and Autumn leaves, fabulous pictures.

    Have a good week xxx

  17. Wonderful knitting,magic beautiful leaves!!!
    Have a nice week.:*


  18. I really like Autumn ( especially a warm Autumn ), all those beautifully colors : yellow, orange, red and brown.
    Like your washcloth.

    Yesterday I made a few glasses of crap apple jelly, the first time ever and it seems to be quite good.

    Greetings from Denmark.


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