Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Cowl and n a Beautiful Sunset

I am slowly settling down to our house and finding that once again Autumn is a very calming and relaxing season for me.
Although I do love summer and widely enjoy the "new life" feeling that  spring brings to my heart I do love the Fall ...
Warm evenings, cuddling near the fireplace and a warm blanket on my lap with my knitting and crochet right beside me.
I feel so happy to have so many new projects and to be planning for the Holiday.
This time of year always brings me a feeling of anticipation and planning for good times with my family, great dinners and get together and lots of good memories to be shared. I have been working on my Christmas gifts  (which I cannot show here yet ... 
As I was working (with the elves) and trying to get a head start on Christmas, my daughter asked me to make another cowl for her... and what will a" knitting mama" do when her daughter asks her for anything ???
Of course, I abandoned anything and everything I had been working on and all I have been doing is "her" cowl ... lots of knitting ....knitting .... knitting ... as it is a garter stitch ... not too wide ...a bit longer than usual cowl... no pattern at all ... just the instructions of what she "had in mind" ...
See, my daughter has a very good sense of fashion and design and when she wants something (in all aspects of life) she knows exactly what she wants ...
She describes it to me ... I hurry to the yarn store ... and off I go ....
Knitting ...knitting...knitting ...

And pretty soon the final product will be done ... 

Another Day ... Another Cowl ..
and as we have a Holiday today I took the day to catch up on some house work and hopefully ... finish it for her ...

Hopefully I'll get it accomplished and will be back soon to show it to you.
Wish me luck
I also wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all the Veterans who have fought for us ... Including a BIG THANK YOU to my husband who served in the US Air Force.
Thank you so very much for all your kind and beautiful comments on my cookies and pumpkin ... I am trying to "learn" to take better pictures ... so bear with me as I go through this new path ...
I will leave you today with some beautiful pictures my son have taken ...
He LOVES to take pictures and I LOVE his pictures ...
Proud Mama .
All of these pictures are right here near our house ...
We are so blessed with such a beauty.

Photo credit to Gino Simmons
(instagram simmonsgino) 


  1. We will never forget those who have served. xx

  2. Very nice cowl!
    Awesome pictures!!

  3. Perfectly beautiful cowl Taci. You are such a wonderful Mama and I know your kids know it too. I can just imagine you all snuggled up warm by the fire in your gorgeous new house watching the sunset out of those big windows. I love your fireplace and your new home. YOU have made it a cozy nest for your family and friends Taci. Gino's pictures are beautiful too. He is definitely talented.

  4. I am very partial to this time of year. Cozy by the fire, with yarn in lap! Love it! Your cowl is such a pretty color!!!
    The photos are so pretty!
    XO Kris

  5. Great cowl, love the colour perfect for this time of year. Your son took come beautiful photos, you love in a beautiful area. My husband and I both served in the Armed Forces and will always remember.

  6. I love the colour of the yarn you are using, absolutely the right colour for this time of year. The photos are spectacular, what a lovely part of the world you live in.


  7. Hi...beautiful yellow colour. What is the yarn called?

    1. Hi Denise,
      I used Lyon Brand wool ease and I will have to find the label for the color. I will get to you as soon as I find it . Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I adore your cowl and that color of yellow is so rich and warm and happy.. good job! I am looking forward to seeing the view from your house someday. What a spectacular setting for photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. So glad you are feeling more settled in, Taci, and that you had a day off, too. I love the cowl you are making for Gabi, and Gino's photos are so beautiful! Hope to see you soon. Drive carefully tomorrow! xx

  10. Love the yellow color of the cowl. It is going to look great!

  11. Those pictures your son took are incredible, he is very talented. Love the color for the new cowl. I have a very similar color picked out for a short sleeved cardigan. I can't wait to get started. Hugs to you dearest Taci.

  12. Hmmm I thought I had typed to you already, Taci, but in case I didn't: I love the cowl you are making for Gabi, and I really appreciate the beauty of the photos that Gino took. Hope you and yours have not had trouble driving today. We have had ice/snow/sleet here today and I am glad to be cozy at home typing and stitching :) xx

  13. Your sons photo's are beautiful he is a very talented photographer. How lovely to be asked to make something for your daughter it means that she loves and appreciates your work it's going to be beautiful can't wait to see it finished. Have a lovely day. :) x

  14. Well, you are one amazing and very cool mum, able to knit up something to gorgeous so fast. I really love the colour. And your sunset photos...wow. What a view. x

  15. Oh my goodness I love that cowl and what a sweet funny about your daughter. Yesterday, my daughter who lives in NOLA asked for a scarf and sent me a photo of the colors she would like. I have so many projects to finish before Christmas but I will drop everything and head to the yarn shop this morning, so I understand! I love your son's photos. That sunset! Yes you do live in a beautiful place!

  16. The cowl looks great so far! I think she will love it! the color is nice for fall :) hope you have a good week!

  17. Super pretty cowl! Great color :-).


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