Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving is gone and "It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Hi There Friends...
Thanks so much for all your kind and nice comments. You are the reason I come back here (almost) every week and I'm so grateful and thankful for you ... We had a wonderful and not as quiet as I was hoping for Holiday, but we had a great time with our family and then on Saturday we had another feast with our friends...
We all enjoyed and probably eat a lot more than we should've ... but we don't do that every day so it was just fine...
I was working on doing a leaf to put on my table ...
My builder (and now friend), Kristy told me about this pattern which I absolutely love.  It's on Ravelry and you find as Wolly Acorn and Oak Leaf designed by Marie Mayhem.

   It Looked great when I had the table all set up, with a table cloth it looked so pretty. Unfortunately I have been getting home so late that we really do not have any light to take good pictures...So that is all I have for now.

I bought the yarn and my plan is to have 2 more done. They are all different colors and I think it will look great when they are all together, but I really don't think I'll get to it again till next year as I won't really put them on the table till next fall...
I can't wait to work on them again and see it all together.
I also bought some yarn for more hats ...

I'm sooooo very excited as I had been wanting  this yarn for such a long time. I found it at one of our local yarn shops and could not resist ... so 3 more hats will be born before Christmas...
and talking about Christmas ... I did a little decorating this weekend also. The Christmas tree is not decorated yet ... just lights... but it does give the feeling that "it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas" around here ... and I love it .

 I just love this santa ... he has such a great attitude and he looks so happy ...
And this is my nutcracker collection. My husband and the kids have giving me one every year for the 24 years we have been married.

A couple of years ago I made the stockings for us and I was so happy they turned out cute and fun ....

I know you cannot really see our Christmas tree very well, but I thought this picture turned out  really fun ... When the tree is decorated I will show it again soon ...
I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your Christmas season and that you are enjoying time with your families, loved ones and friends whichever way you celebrate...
I'm very happy you are here to "see" me and wish you a wonderful Christmas month ... 


  1. Hi Taci, that looks like wonderful yarn! And the big leaf is gorgeous! I also love your family stockings.. I've crocheted some for our family over the years. I am so looking forward to our girl's luncheon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. ooh such a pretty leaf! and all your wool for hats, lovely! which pattern do you like to use? have fun decorating, it's looking very much like christmas!

  3. It definitely is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your home, and it is so much fun to see your new stitching projects, Taci! Last night I started crocheting a little bag to hold art supplies for a 10 year old. The day after Thanksgiving I frogged the pumpkin I started at your house and started it again without making so many mistakes. Yea! [The Christmas wreath looks and smells wonderful!] Merry Christmas! xx

  4. Taci your leaf is so pretty and the other colors will look very pretty with it. And new yarn for! A nutcracker for every year, that is a great tradition. I can't wait to see them all and YOU my friend, in just a few weeks.

  5. Wow, it really is looking a lot like Christmas in your lovely home!

    The leaf is fantastic, just the thing for Autumn.


  6. The leaf is a real delight and all your decorations are stunning. I love your collection of nutcrackers, it is certainlu beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  7. Your are ready for Christmas !!! Your decorations are beautiful !!!

  8. Adorable leaf, great yarn for hats!!
    Very nice decorations!
    Many greetings.:*

  9. Your new yarn is really pretty and that is a neat acorn table topper. I like the picture of the tree and lights, it looks like it's in motion. Your decorations look very festive and the fireplace looks pretty with the stockings against the stone. Enjoy decorating your tree. Take care, Heather


  10. Beautifully color, the leaf, I really like it.
    Lovely with Christmas time and all the colors :o)
    Wish you all the Best.

    Greetings from Denmark

  11. Taci, your gorgeous house is looking very festive and beautiful. Love all your decorations and of course your beautiful new yarn.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  12. Wonderful Christmas decorations!! Just around two weeks to go, time flies. Wishing you a wonderful time! Btw, your header photo is adorable. Is it a real photo, or a collage? Fantastic, so many red cardinals together! I looove these birds, too bad that we don't have them here. Have a great day! Nata xxx

  13. Love your Christmas decorations. We have our tree up now so it's definitely looking a lot like Christmas. Your leaf is really beautiful. I have crocheted some leaves but I really like the look of yours.

  14. Your home looks so beautiful!! What lovely things you have collected over the years and you display them so prettily too! xx

  15. What a really lovely leaf, soft and such a pretty colour. Your yarn looks terrific for hats, again great colours.
    Thanks for becoming a follower at Orange Esmeralda, glad you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again soon.


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