Monday, August 20, 2012

My Door Needs a New Wreath

Ok we are now full force in August and my door still had my 4th of July wreath... remember it ???

and I kept thinking that it is not fall yet so I do not want to welcome the cold by putting something that reminds me of it just yet...
Well, I had seen a very cute wreath at a local yarn shop and I thought I could make one for my door.
So on Saturday I was determined to change the look on my front door and give it a summery "make up" :)

So, I started by collecting some of my left over yarn (which I have to admit I have plenty ...:)
Made little yarn balls of different sizes...

Got a plain wreath from one of our local craft stores and covered with a piece of felt ...

And then glued all the yarn balls in the wreath... and 
tah- dah ....guess what I got ???

A pretty and fun entrance door.

My son said that everyone will know that this is a "knitting/crochetting house", but we all agreed that this is exactly what it is ... everyone knows that there is a person who looooooves to knit and crochet living in this house ...
and YES I am proud of it :)
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and I wish you a wonderful and productive week :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and I Hope you come to visit me again soon :)
I looove to hear all of your comments :)


  1. It looks beautiful! I loved it ;)

    1. Ficou lindo, colorido e muito, muito criativo!! Parabéns querida! Beijos!

  2. All I can say is WOW!!! How nice and clever! Hope you have a wonderful week! Shari ")

  3. Olá querida, desculpe só não entendi muito bem o seu nome, é Taci?
    Já olhei um pouco seu blog,vi que vc faz trabalhos lindos em crochê. Achei linda a guirlanda de novelos. Eu tenho um blog de uma amiga, que ela faz guirlandas lindas em crochê, se vc quiser passe lá para conhecer. Depois me fala.
    o endereço é
    Um beijo e obrigada pela visita, seja bem vinda!

  4. Amiga, vou te dar uma super dica, que ganhei e pra mim foi ótimo. Tente tirar essa verificação de palavras..essas letrinhas que precisamos digitar para que o comentário seja publicado. Olha tentei três vezes e já ia desistindo quando o foi aceito o meu comentário.
    Muitas vezes nós não sabemos que temos isso no blog e dificulta demais os comentários, afasta as amigas também.
    Um beijão.
    Bom vou tentar agora que vc receba esse comentário.

    1. Oi Simone....obrigada querida por seu comentário tão carinhoso e muito obrigada pela dica... Mas como enfado isso ???

  5. I love your wreath.. how clever you are! And the shawl! I am toiling away on mine.. hope I get it done like you did yours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa...I had fun making it. Your is also so very pretty. I saw the pattern when u started. Can't wait to see it done. Thanks for stopping by :)

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  7. I'm pinning this… to cute! I feel bad every time I donate or throw out those smaller pieces of yarn. Now I know what to do with them! Thanks.


I love to hear all of your comments and I feel special that you took the time to visit me here today :)