Monday, September 24, 2012

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival

This weekend amongst a million other things I was able to carve up a couple of hours and went to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.
I was so HAPPY to have the time to spend with my friends, to walk around and to see all the beautiful fiber and great, beautiful work done by so many creative artists.
I felt so happy and so privileged to be there.
Next year I do want to plan to go for the whole day.
My dear friend Shan just had a surgery on Wednesday, but she is such a trooper and was there with us...I was so happy she could make it...

These are my wonderful friends :

I love this shawl... thinking about making one ...

I got so excited about all the animals that give us our beautiful fiber ...

I forgot to take picture of the yarn ...and boy they had beautiful, wonderful, luscious yarn... 
If you want to see the beautiful yarn they had go and visit Teresa here She did a wonderful job showing the festival and took wonderful pictures.
I was too excited and forgot to take better pictures. Thanks Teresa :)
We were going to try to meet in person but it didn't work this time , I hope we will meet sometime since we don't live far from each other. 

I only got one ball of a beautiful purple yarn (here is the purple again... I just love it ) and 1 more little sheep for my collection (every year when I go to a knitting and crochet festival or show I get a little sheep and then a little collection have started is still very little but it's growing). This time I got him...
Meet Jorge ...He is so cute ... and my friend Natalie named him...

And here is Jorge joining his friends...

Sorry this last picture is really dark...The light is just not good at all in the evening here in my house, but I was  so excited to tell you about my weekend I couldn't wait to take a picture in daylight...

Thanks so much for being such great friends...It's so fun to have new (and old) friends with whom I can share my happy moments...

Thanks for visiting and I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have an even better week...
See you soon...
PS: I did finish my blue cowl, but I/m too tired today to take pictures... will show you later on my next post...:)


  1. My two lovely blogging friends live close to each other!!!!!! I so need to move! Hope you and Teresa will be able to meet up soon! xoxoxo Shari!

    1. Thanks Shari... I had to leave the festival early because my daughter had a school function and my friend just had surgery, but I really hope to meet her sometime soon :)

  2. Thanks for posting about your time at OFFF! You and Teresa and Alicia all saw things I did not. I get so excited I forget to take pictures, too. I posted a picture of my little flock of sheep, also. I hope we get to meet! Hope your week is happy!
    :) Gracie

    1. Thank you Gracie ... I hope we meet sometime soon also ,,,, I'm glad you were there and had a good time ! I'll add u to my list of blogs is weekend :)

  3. Really nice post today Taci. It was such a great day with good friends. Shan

  4. The festival sounds like a lot of fun! The sheep are cute! What a fun thing to collect!

    1. We had a lot of time we want to be there all day :)

  5. Que legal, querida! Espero que tenha aproveitado bastante!! Beijos

  6. Oh that little lamb is too cute!


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