Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Projects on my Hands

Hello my dear friends...:)

This has been such a busy week and the weekend just went by so fast...
Every week I hope I'll have time to do an extra post in the weekend, but I feel it's so important to spend time with my kids while they are still home with us...
I miss you all and I really, really enjoy to hear all your comments throughout the week and it keeps me encouraged and happy.

This week (even though I said I was not going to buy anything new until I finished a few ( just a few) of my projects) I indulged in some new yarn...Just 1 little, simple ball of yarn... One of the big craft stores near my work is going to move. They are discounting everything in the store and it's very hard to not leave there with just 1/2 the store ...
I found this  Cascade Yarn - Heritage Sock Yarn and it's the most yummy color...There is no color name just a number, but it's is a blueish grey... so pretty and it will be so beautiful with black and probably charcoal grey...

I saw this scarf at www.cozymadethings.blogspot.com Kirsten made a scarf with just simple garter stitch and when I saw it brought me back to when I first learned how to knit...I just loved that feeling and I decided I needed ...I wanted to make a simple garter stitch scarf...Her scarf was so beautiful, simple and elegant and I just loved it...
So I'm going to attempt with this yarn, but it's a lot thinner than I thought...I'll start (yet another project) and will let you know soon how it turned out :)

But don't think that I broke my promise to myself just yet...
Remember this shawl (I also saw at Kristen's blog ...I do love her style and choices of colors ...Thank you Kristen for the inspiration).

My Mom loved it...and she also loves green...
So, I'm trying to finish it this week so I can send to her before the "winter" is over in Brazil...

I think she is going to like it ...it's in her favorite color...
Just wish I could fly there and take it to her :)

Well my dear friends I missed you all.
I'm going to have dinner (yes, it's 8:30), have my tea and go start on my new scarf...sooo excited!
Hope you have a great week and come to visit again:) 


  1. LOVE the green shawl and will enjoy seeing your grey scarf. Lucky mom of yours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful work...and I am encouraged by your many projects because I have many projects started, too :)
    Kristen is amazing isn't she. She inspires me to keep learning and trying new stitching projects. I hope you have a lovely week. xx from Gracie

  3. Olá minha amiga,
    vim agradecer o carinho da visita, e olhar o chale de pertinho, ficou lindo demais,acho que sua mãe vai ficar encantada também!!

  4. I think you can excuse yourself for the yarn purchase, and Cascade yarn I can find on sale I will grab, it is one of my favorite yarns. I am going to make a garter stitch scarf for my son who is a freshman at Ohio State University, I have the yarn already, I just haven't started it yet. It will be a great pick up and knit project without a lot of thought. Enjoy your kids, time move fast doesn't it?

  5. Your lacy shawl is just gorgeous! I love that cream color, and it's going to be just as nice in the green. Your mama will love it. :)

  6. I have seen the Cascade yarn yet...it looks so soft! We mostly have red heart which some are really soft and others are not and then we have the baby soft yarn and of course cotton from Sugar-n-Cream. Your new shawl is looking so nice....I sort of lost my crochet mojo, but hopefully it will come back soon. I kindof been in the mood to make some dishcloths! Spend as much time with your children while you can...we will all still be here!
    Hugs, Shari

    Oh, and if you haven't seen my last post, I have a new blog that is up and running. I wanted to do so much more than just crochet so I changed things up a bit and I hope you make the move with me...come see at Lauren's Closet! Shari

  7. Great projects! I love Cascade sock yarn. I have a few skeins in my stash, I need to use them up!

    Have a great week!


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