Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Black & White ...

I have been making lots of these scarves during the Holiday season... Easy and quick knits for lots of quick gifts...
Now I have a friend who is going to retire and I'm making still another one to give to her...
Sunday ....sitting and trying to rest a little ... And lots of laundry ....
How about a little knitting ???
Yes, now it feels like a Sunday :)
Have a wonderful, calm, peaceful day!


  1. Hi Taci..hope you are having a nice day...enjoy your knitting!

  2. Lovely scarf, your friend will be so pleased. I have been so busy today, but I did find a few minutes to crochet just to make it feel like the weekend,
    Have a lovely evening,

  3. I admire people who use that yarn.. I fear it would make me crazy! We enjoyed the coffee you gave me.. I'd love to get a lb. of French roast! Hope to see you again soon.. Teresa :-)

  4. Glad you are making some time for stitching, Taci. I started a cowl and realized last night it has an unwanted twist in it so as soon as I finish typing to you I am going to try starting it again :) Blessings to you and yours as you launch into a new week! xx from Gracie

  5. Love the scarf! I have been trying to work with that yarn for some time and have been able to crochet something simple with it- a scarf. But, its just not as plump as it should. Please show off the finished product!
    Happy New Year!

  6. I got some similar yarn like that... is it hard to knit with? I wanted that colorway, but can't find it in stores near me. I like the black/grey/white combo! I have the blue combo and the pink/purple/grey one.

  7. Beautiful yarn. I like the way it looks but don't enjoy knitting/crocheting with it much! Hubby arrived Friday night and he's been enjoying your coffee gift. Mandy ground the beans for us this morning so we could bring it to the coast for our breakfasts here. Thank you so much! Hope you had a lovely Sunday.


  8. Arent these scarves just the best? I made quite a few for gifts as well, I love making them!

    I found your blog via Teresa and am now a new follower!


  9. Oi Taci,
    obrigada pela visita carinhosa de sempre. Gostaria de ver esse lenço aberto, deve estar lindo.


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