Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year ...Big birthdays ... New projects

Hi there friends...
My daughter turned 16 yesterday ... Yes ... My baby just turned "Sweet 16 " . That seems crazy ... How fast time has gone by ... We feel so blessed to be the parents of such a great, responsible, adorable and  kind young woman....

We had a small surprise party for her and went out to dinner, with her and her grandparents, the day of her birthday...She chose to save for a car instead of having a big party... 

Today was a very important day for her...she went to get her driver's permit...and now we have another driver in our household...
I don't know how it happened day she was in diapers and today she is all happened so fast.

We are so very proud of her and we feel so honored to have been blessed with such a great daughter. Happy Sweet 16 my Dear Daughter!

Tomorrow is my son's birthday and he turns 15 ...Yes, the celebrations keep on going in our house... but they have not stopped me for knitting and crocheting a little bit whenever I get a minute...

I started this really cute scarf I saw on Pinterest...(when I have a few minutes I can get completely addicted)...:)

When I found the pattern find the on ravelry the author had not posted the pattern yet, but I just couldn't wait ...
I started right on New Years...

The pattern is Ma Belle Amie by Yarn-love on 

She does have the pattern posted now and because I didn't have the patience to wait I think mine will look a little different, but I'm loving to do this scarf...just easy, meditative (again) knitting ...and I always need that... helps me relax after a crazy day... it helps my mind get back into the right place.

I have also started a sweater for myself (every year after New Years I like to start something for myself to wear on my birthday...(after finishing all the projects and presents I have been making all year :))

I started on this sweater...
A friend showed me the pattern (again on and I couldn't do anything else until I found the yarn for it 

The pattern is Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier

 I'm so in love with this sweater... However,
I 'm having a little bit of a hard time with the beginning, but I'll persevere. I'll update you when I have progressed a bit more. 

Well, friends... I'm so happy a new year has started... however busy it might be, but full of hope for a great year.

I'm so happy you came to visit me again and I'm looking forward to many fantastic moments to share with you.

Thank you to all my new followers. I always have a big smile on my face when I see a new person has joined me on this great journey.


  1. Hi Taci! *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to both of your wonderful kids! Your scarf is coming along nicely. I'm using that new cotton that I got and making a hot pad and I'm also working on a granny stripe blanket for my DIL. Hope to see you soon! OH.. does your husband do French Roast? I'd like to order a pound of his if he does. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa. You are so kind ! I'm also looking forward to our next meeting.
      Yes, my husband said he has some French roast and I'll send you an email with a flyer. Thanks again my dear friend, :)

  2. Hi Taci! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, and to your son as well!!! LOVE the scarf you are working on, and the sweater is pretty too!!
    My baby will be 32, and our youngest baby will be 24 in a couple of weeks. WHERE does the time go???
    xo Kris

    1. Thank you so much Kris. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better this year. :)

  3. A big Happy Birthday to your children, time does indeed move fast. Your daughter is so beautiful, I bet she is excited to be driving on her own. I love your new projects, I saw that scarf on Pinterest and that sweater will get tons and tons of wear, it is perfect.
    Hugs to you sweet friend and Happy New Year,

    1. Thank you my dear friend you are so nice and kind ! :)

  4. Wonderful projects! You have such an inviting sense of family. Congrats to the birthday kiddos!

  5. Thanks for including us in the Happy Birthday celebrations of your children, Taci :) Your knitting projects are exciting and very ambitious! I am so glad we met, and look forward to building our friendship. I am hoping to get lots of stitching done in the days ahead.....I have a looooong Want to Do List :) xx From Gracie

  6. My dear Gracie thank you for your kindness and friendship. I'm looking forward to our next meeting :) I'm glad you have a list of new projects you want to start and I'm looking forward to seeing it all :) thanks you for the birthdays wishes :)

  7. Lovely Scarf!

    Happy 16th to your daughter! She's beautiful like you! :)

  8. Lovely scarf! Color combination is divine and your daughter is so beautiful!!! Happy birthday!!!


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