Monday, February 18, 2013

I was so surprised and happy to find out 
My dear blog friend Eileen gave me this award!

                                           Thank you so much Eileen!
                      I feel so honored and happy you thought about me...

 I hope you all will visit her beautiful blog at

To participate:
  1. Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated
  2. Give 11 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers award (don't forget notify each one about the award by posting a comment on their blog.)
  4. Send your questions for 11 nominees to respond

    Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog and Pay It Forward.

The 11 questions from Eileen:

  • Favorite animal?  DOG
  • Favorite colors?  PURPLE
  • Favorite non alcoholic drink? DIET COKE
  • Facebook or Twitter?  FACEBOOK
  • My passion?  MY FAMILY
  • Getting or giving?  GIVING ALWAYS
  • Favorite pattern?  A NEW ONE 
  • Favorite day of the week?  SATURDAY
  • Favorite flower?  BIRD OF PARADISE
  • Favorite country?  BRAZIL :)
  • Favorite Recipe?  BRAZILIAN BLACK BEANS 

  • Here are 11 things about me you may not know:

    1.  I have 2 children (Gabriella 16 yrs and Giovanni 15 yrs)...They are wonderful

    2. I love going on walks with my husband 

    3. I also collect yarn...lots of them...

    4. I love bread...and chocolate (of course)

    5. I have a chocolate lab named Java

    6. I love traveling

    7. I'm a social worker

    8.  I love sharing my crochet and knitting projects with my mom and my 2 sisters

    9.  I love watching sports with my husband and my children

    10. I love to read.

    12. I'm from Brazil and have lived here in the US for 23 years :)

       Now for my 12 favorite blogs (yes I added 12 because it was too hard to choose... I have too many blogs I really please visit them and follow if you'd like:
    2. Teresa from 
    3. Gillian from 
    5. Meredith from 
    6. Kris from simplify  
    7. Koralee from  
    8. Annaboo from www.annabooshouse.blogspot 
    9. Sharron at Annie's Place 

    Now for the questions I would like answered from each of these lovely bloggers so we can get to know them a little better :)!

    1. Favorite animal?
    2. Favorite colors?
    3. Favorite non alcoholic drink? 
    4. Crochet or Knit?
    5. Your passion?
    6. Getting or giving?
    7. Favorite pattern?
    8. Favorite day of the week?
    9. Favorite flower?
    10. Favorite country?
    11. Favorite Recipe? 

    Thanks again Eileen! This has been a lot of fun!

    If you prefer to not participate I completely understand...just wanted you to know I really admire your blog. :)


    1. Hi's nice to know more little things about you! It's funny we both thought of each other, for I received an award from another blogging friend with the same award but it looks a little different and I nominate you to receive this award also! Thanks so much for thinking of me. I will not participate in this one but will gladly accept the award for I just went through all those questions already once was a lot! but fun!
      Hugs, Shari

    2. Hello my friend! Thank you for this very sweet award. Shari also nominated me today! How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends. I will answer the questions you asked on my blog, but probably not participate because most of the blogs I know have shown up on these two lists!

      I also received the package from you this morning! Our mail carrier delivered it to the neighbor on Saturday and she just brought it over today. Thank you SO much! I love the crochet hook holder. It was so sweet of you.

      I'm planning to be in Portland March 7. Lunch with the girls???? Oh I hope so.

    3. Hi Taci, congrats on the award! I appreciate you naming me, but I did this award some time ago and most of the people I'd nominate, you already have! :-) I enjoyed reading all the things you told us about you. Looks like we need to set up a lunch with Betsy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    4. Congratulations! You and your lovely blog deserve this award and many more! It was great to read more about you and now I'm going to go and visit your nominees :) Elisabeth x

    5. Parabéns, querida!!! Realmente é um reconhecimento ao seu talento, sensibilidade e bom gosto! Fico grata a quem lhe concedeu, mas você merece!! Beijos

    6. Hi Taci,
      I want to thank you for nominating me!!! I loved reading about you! Your blog has been a fun one for me to come visit, and I look forward to many more visits!!! I will answer the questions in my next blog post!
      XO Kris

    7. Taci, you are soooo sweet. Tha ks so much fro thinking about me.
      Hugs to you,

    8. Hello Taci,
      How wonderful! Congratulations on receiving this award and Thank you so much for nominating me too,I shall look forward to posting about it this weekend.

      keep well

      Amanda :-)

    9. Oh, thanks so much for the nomination!
      Sarah xxxx

    10. Hi Taci, thanks so much for nominating me, that is very kind of you. Congratulations on the award and it's nice to know a little more about you.

      Gillian x


    I love to hear all of your comments and I feel special that you took the time to visit me here today :)