Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple White Cowl

A Happy and quick project...

Soft and beautiful yarn to work with, which was heaven to the touch...

Easy and relaxing knitting ...  unfortunately I did not make it from a pattern... I'll write the pattern (maybe) someday ???

I really enjoyed working on this project.

A quick go to have a new garment to wear tomorrow and the satisfaction of seeing it being on my daughter's wardrobe before winter goes away...

Another happy moment!

Thank you for stopping by to see me and for taking the time to make all the wonderful comments on my happy creations :)

Have a happy rest of the week!


  1. The cowl turned out beautifully, Taci! I started the green wool cowl for my great niece several times, and finally like the way it is coming out and hope to finish it today.
    Looking forward to Friday and hoping your week is going well :-)

  2. Lovely cowl, the buttons are the perfect finishing touch :) Elisabeth x

  3. It is beautiful and looks soft all the way over here in Florida. Happy Wednesday.

  4. That turned out so pretty! You definitely are an artist. I always have to follow a pattern.see you Friday, (I hope),

  5. I love the idea of the buttons to close it, so you can wear it straight or give it a turn and make a mobious! Is it wool, acrylic or cotton? I have some unbleached cotton that would make a glorious one, what size needles did you use? I need directions to your house and the time you want us there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa, I'm sorry I have been crazily busy this week. I used a merino wool tht a friend gave me for my birthday and used size 11 needles. I will write up the pattern and give it to you :) HIOE u r feeling better :)

  6. I've yet to crochet a cowl -- our winter weather is gone. Maybe I'll make another skinny scarf soon that I can wear even when the temps are heating up. Have a great day. Tammy

  7. definitely write it up, the texture is gorgeous!

  8. Hi! We are doing the same cowl!!! Jajajaja! Beautiful!

  9. Oh my goodness...this is so lovely! I really need one...I am off on a trip soon and it will be chilly..oh to looks so stylish! xox

  10. It's really, really nice. I like the chunky cream yarn with the big buttons. I loving knitting on huge needles, everything knits up so quickly!

    Gillian x

  11. Hello, thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.
    No, I haven't had a message with a link to anything from you. Did you send it via the contact form on my hello page? x

  12. Beautiful cowl! It's tempting me to learn how to knit!!:)


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