Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yes... Spring is Here

Hi there Friends :)
Spring is officially here and the sun is finally shining just a little bit...
We get lots if rain and a little of sun...
But even that little bit still makes me happy.
Today I just wanted to show you a quick picture of another cowl I made this winter.

Just another winter knitting before Spring projects starts to shine in my room...

I love this stripy cowl. I made it holding two colors and interchanging them two stripes at a time. I used a circular needle and made it as if it was a hat so the fabric would be doubled. i then stitched the ends together and ...

Voila ...
One more cowl for our collection.

I guess I am a "cowl girl" after all :)

Hope you are enjoying the sun, the flowers and the beautiful Spring air.
It's so nice to have you come and visit me and a BIG THANK YOU to all my new followers for stopping by.


  1. Such a beautiful cowl Taci. I can just picture you knitting it. Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your home Friday. I had a wonderful time and hope to return sometime.
    It's raining and thundering here right now. I'm so ready for sunshine and flowers. We don't have them around here yet like you do in Portland.thank you for being the beautiful friend to me that you are.

  2. Taci, I love the cowl it is beautiful just like everything else you make. Have a great day,

  3. I know I must say this a thousand times......but I really must learn to knit! It's gorgeous!
    Hugs, Shari

  4. Hi Taci, that is a gorgeous design! I bet it looks very stylish on your cute self. I am stil bummed that I had to miss the knitting night at your house, the girls are still raving about it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. really lovely, i like the black and white contrast.

  6. The cowl is lovely and I appreciate your explanation of the pattern you used! I was surprised by and enjoyed the bursts of sunshine we had today on our first day of Spring, wasn't it great!!
    Thanks again for helping me feel so welcome when I felt a bit anxious and shy Friday night. Along with being a thoughtful, talented friend, you are a very gracious hostess :-)

  7. Muy bonita la mezcla de colores!

  8. Beautiful! i like colors!
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  9. It's beautiful! I like the way the colours change half way through. When I made a cowl I knitted a rectangle and sewed it together, but I need to learn to use circular needles. I like the way there is no seam.

  10. Lovely! Today is a snowy day in my world, so it's great to look at your springy knit!

  11. Your knitting is so perfect, Taci. I so admire someone that can crochet and knit.

  12. It's lovely. I have yet to make a cowl. It's on my to-do list -- but with summer looming, I have a feeling it won't get done for a while. :/ Have a great week. Tammy


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