Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi There I have a New Project on my Needles

Hi there friends.

I have been missing you all so much this last few days. I have been crazy busy at work and my kids are in finals week at school. Again I had a house full of teens studying and eating all weekend, which consequently meant that I didn't have a second for myself. This is it... the final week of school and next week everything should slow down...

So ... I hope you hang in there with me as I'll have a few things to show you when I have some time to take pictures and get my life back to normal. I have been so tired I have not even been able to keep up with reading your blogs... I hope you know I'm not ignoring you. Reading your blogs is one of my favorite things to do and I wait all day for it. So, I think I just need to be patient and things will slow down and it will all go back to normal...

For now I'll leave you with a new project I just started when I have a minute or two in between working, cooking, washing and running around ...

More details coming soon... just a little sneak pick now...

Thanks for visiting me and thank you so much for being such a great part of my life.


  1. Hi Taci! I know how busy those times are! I miss those fun times sometimes, with a house full of teenagers!! Our home was a hangout house, and all the parents knew I watched them VERY closely!!!
    Love your new yarn!!!
    See you soon!
    xo Kris

  2. Hi Taci, your busy time reminds me of my May.. I nearly overdid myself. I hope you get to chill out soon and take some time for yourself. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. So sweet so cute.. I am curiously following your nice blog..:)) All best wishes..:))

  4. Crazy busy here too - must be the time of the year!

    Love your crochet, Im trying to make a few squares at the moment as well - although finding the time and energy isn't easy.


  5. Nice...
    Have a great day !

  6. We've missed you Taci, but most of us know how busy life with teens can be. I hopeyou get some much needed rest after this week. Your square is beautiful and I can't wait to see your project and how you're using it.

  7. I finally figured out how to leave a comment!! Hmmmm, are you starting a new throw blanket? A pillow? Haha--ok, I'll be patient. These are very cute!


  8. Hi Taci good to see you post. Have been wondering how you were. I remember those days well! Never a minute to oneself. Am looking forward to seeing what your project is. Love that blue yarn. Love and hugs Anne x

  9. Oh sweet Taci, we will all be here when you are ready. Good luck to your kids with their finals.

  10. Taci, it seems that most of my blogging friends are especially busy included. I am in Sonoma, CA visiting my oldest sister. We drove down to Burbank and back to visit our other sister over the weekend. I plan to stay here for several weeks and then we plan to drive up to OR for her to spend several weeks with us. I have completed another row on my shawl and started knitting a dishcloth the other day when I had a few minutes. I love the color combination and pattern of your latest crochet square! Hope your kids do well on their finals and that you all can have some time to rest and recharge soon :-) xx, Gracie

  11. Very nice squares, Taci! I'm curious what they will become. I know these last busy weeks before holidays, too ;-). We've got just 5-6 weeks to go now. Steady nerves for you and good luck to your kids with their finals!

  12. That blue and white square is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's for. Things are crazy busy here too. Good luck getting through the next week. x

  13. Your blue and white block is very very pretty.. I wish you a lovely and relaxing Summer in Happy Valley. Hugs Judy


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