Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Knitting a Hat and Still Recuperating

I'm sitting here in my tiny living room in our temporary "hotel apartment" as the kids like to call it.
Let me tell you ... It's an adventure everyday... Trying to find something we have no idea where it's is or even if we still have it is now part if our everyday routine :)
It's a cleansing feeling, don't get me wrong, but still a difficult adjustment for all of us.
We will be happy in the end when our house is built just the way we always dreamt. In the meantime we are patiently waiting in our tiny apartment ...

But one thing I have to sayid that I'm so very proud of my family and my kids ...we are all getting along just fine and doing the best we can to take all the positives out of this experience ...
Life is good and we are happy together .

In the meantime while waiting I'm slowly getting back to my normal self and being able to knit and crochet again... I finished a hat for my husband and I think he will really like it.
I made the same one last year for him, but we gave it to our neighbor.
He goes to OSU - Oregon State University ( where my husband also went) . He was visiting and it was his birthday so I gave it to him and told my husband I would make another one for him...
Well ... A year later ... Here you go ... Another one was born ...
Better late than never, right ??? I think he will be happy when I give it to him tonight as its getting really cold now.

I also wanted to take a moment today before I go to remember a man who was an exceptional person, an unforgettable friend and a wonderful father ...
My dear father who I miss so much and who left us 4 years ago today.
I believe that those who we love never die they simply leave before us... But I miss you so very much my dear father.

Thanks to all of my new followers and to all of you who continue to visit me here ..
Your comments and your presence make my day ...
Have a wonderful week.
Lots of love.

PS: had a GREAT time seeing my dear blog friends last Friday...we always enjoy getting together and have so much fun.
Can't wait to see them again ! :)


  1. Hi Taci. First of all, so glad you are feeling better. And when I read that it was the anniversary of your dear Dad's passing, I had to say, gosh, I feel your pain. I also lost my Dad. It will be 10 years ago this month. I miss him every single day. We were very close, and I am the only girl with 4 boys. We had a very special relationship. So I know how your heart aches.
    Love the hat!! And hooray for kids that are taking it all in stride, while living out of boxes until your new home is built!
    xo Kris

  2. Hang in there.. soon you will be all moved it to your dream house and the future will be bright. I love the hat you made.. you're very talented! I hope we get to see each other again soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Great hat Taci, that should keep Hubby's head and ears warm in the cold weather. Sometimes it's very difficult to get used to living without those who have passed over before us - I badly miss my Mum and Dad and always feel their presence more strongly around Anniversary times. Wishing you well, Joy x

  4. Great job on the hat Taci! I'm sure your husband was appreciative when he got it. You sound more content in your apartment than you did even last week. It is a bonding time for your sweet family. What a wonderful gift of love your father must have given to you. I can feel your heartache in your words. I also lost my Dad almost 10 years ago, in fact, both of my parents are gone. It is hard. I'm thinking of you my sweet friend.

  5. Hi Taci, so glad to hear that ya'll are all doing well with all the changes. It was nice to see that you, Teresa, Betsy and Gracie were able to find time to meet up again. The hat turned out great. I'm sure your husband was very happy to get it after a year. ;) Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Glad you are feeling better and that you are all coping with your smaller space. I lost my dad 7 years ago and can understand how you fee today.
    Love the hat am sure your husband will be thrilled. Hugs Anne x

  7. Well done, Taci! The hat came out beautifully, and I am sure your husband will feel blessed by you, when he wears it, and proud of your love and skill as well as his alma mater :) I am glad you are feeling better and that you are all settling in your apartment until the new house is finished. I loved being with you last Friday and look forward to our next time together.
    Love with hugs,

  8. Olá Taci! Passei para deixar um abraço na querida amiga. Que senhoras lindas estão contigo! Um abraço a elas também.

  9. Hi Taci!!! I found you again!!! ( lost so many friends when my other blog disappear..sorry)
    Now I am happy I can play catch up with you and see what you and the family have been up to. You have been busy....and made several changes. It's wonder to hear that you all are making the adjustment just fine until your new move in date. I do hope it will be soon!
    Also happy to hear you are able to crochet and knit ( which I am learning how to do...and it's not easy.....Knitting is confusing if you don't know what you are doing ,giggle) all of your work is so beautiful! Love the hat....I am sure your husband will love it!
    Big hugs to you.....missed you!


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