Monday, December 16, 2013

Busy making Christmas Gifts

So Sorry it's been so long since I was here again...
December is always a very busy month...running around with the kids, trying to get all the gifts bought and all the handmade done... wrapping, baking and doing our best to spend time with family as much as we can.
I have been getting home late and did not have any time this past weekend... I had committed to do a Farmers Market on our neighborhood to sale our coffee (we bring coffee from Brazil and other countries and my husband roasts it and we sale it here... more as a hobby right now as we both work full time (but with the hopes that it will be a good business for us some day). It was a very busy and not so profitable weekend, but it was a good experience.

In between all the craziness I was able to finish one more Christmas gift... for my husband this time and I think it's safe to show it to you here as I don't think he visits very often.

I made him this Oh so comfy sleepers... I'm actually thinking about making some for me after I finish all my Christmas gifts.
I found them at Erika Knight's book: Simple Crocheting. I just love her book and every single project, and I have to say I'm not disappointed.

The pictures are not so great as I took them all at night, laying in my bed while I was crocheting them... I sure had fun making them and I really hope my husband likes them, I think they will look a lot better on him than they do on me :)

I have been trying to keep up with your blogs but I have to say I missed you all and missed being here. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations and have a wonderful week.
Ps: just wanted to give credit where credit is due ad let you know that this beautiful tree you see here is at my MIL house...
Just wanted to show you a little bit of Christmas :)


  1. What great slippers you made! Is that the tree you have set up in your apartment? Very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing you and the girls in a week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Those are some great looking slippers Taci! I'm sure your husband will appreciate them. You have such a busy life, but I'm so happy you have time for lunch with us girls. One more week!

  3. LOVE the slippers for hubby. I shall have to look for that book. I know what you mean, about how busy life is now. Crazy busy! But a good, crazy, busy!
    xo Kris

  4. For warm and happy feet !
    Have a nice day preparing Christmas !

  5. He is going to love them, and I bet they are need with your cold weather. Hugs to you my friend and take a deep breath, the holidays will soon be over and we can all return to normal.

  6. Merry Christmas Taci!!! Everything looks so Christmasy at your place. Your tree is so pretty!!! Love those slippers---I am sure your husband will looooove them!
    xoxo Shari

  7. Oh what a beautiful tree! and the coffee! What a great business! :) Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  8. Hello Taci the slippers look fabulous. Is that your tree - so pretty. I am very behind with everything but it does not seem too important after all that has happened ( thank you for your kind words) Happy Christmas to you and your family. Anne x

  9. Love the slippers! They will be so cosy. That looks like a good crochet book. I'll have to add it to my Amazon wish list. Merry Christmas to you Taci! x

  10. Those are sure to keep your husbands feet warm and I'm sure he'll love and appreciate them. It's been busy at our house too. A lot of coming and going and places to be and things to do. December's just that way though. Things will slow down in January. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  11. Hi Taci! I love the slippers you made for your husband, too! I have an Erika Knight Simple Crochet book and want to try most of the projects :) but so far have just started a basket. I am looking forward to seeing you next Monday!!! Blessings xx

  12. The slippers look lovely and warm! I bet they are cosy too! Your husband will surely love them. Your tree is wonderful too! Have a fantastic christmas. Xxxx

  13. Those slippers are awesome, I think we might all need a pair! Just catching up with your blog, so many beautiful things.


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