Monday, January 20, 2014

Take a look at Our House

Hi there Dear Friends
I have been wanting to give you an update on our house and what is going on with our lives...
Last year we decided to sale our house and embark in a huge adventure of building our dream house (with limitations of course).
One of our objectives was to make our home more inviting and more SIMPLE. Yes, no formal anything... no formal living room, dining room and a very open concept.
One of our dreams was to have a beautiful view so we started with that...
We live in the beautiful NW in Happy Valley, Oregon and Mt Hood is one of the state's icon...we do love it and thought that would be a dream to see it every day...
so we think we got very lucky when we found this lot with this view ...
And then our adventure began...
We sold our house ... moved to a very small apartment ... and began building our dream ...
We were here about a month ago ...


 And we are here now ...
As I'm writing this post and look at the pictures it does not seem as if we have made to much progress yet, but when we went there this last weekend they had drawn all the rooms in the floors already and we felt almost like we were inside a real house...
It was so exciting ...  I felt giggly and my heart was sooooooo HAPPY.
I'm humbled everyday by what God has giving to us... I'm grateful everyday for the life I have and I'm reminded every day how lucky and blessed I'm for the blessings that shower on me and my family every single day.
We are now starting to make some choices of color, styles and its very exciting... I'll keep you posted as we go forward and will update you on our story and adventures as our dream becomes a reality.
 Before I go just want to give you a sneak pick at my shawl I'm working on today...
Grey is usually not my to go color, but I'm loving this shawl ... cant wait to finish it so I can wear it:)
(I'll give you all the details when I finish it )
Thanks for being here with me today and thank you to all the new followers who are now also joining me ...
Your company make my day :)

Have a wonderful week !


  1. Taci, the lot you chose is gorgeous. Mandy keeps asking me where you're building and I keep forgetting to ask you the address. The view of Mt. Hood is amazing. I am just SO happy for you my friend. I can't wait to visit you when you move in, sit outside and sip tea and look at that gorgeous view. God has indeed blessed you with all you have, family, friends and faith. But we've been blessed too, just by knowing you.

  2. What a beautiful view of the mountains. Looks like good progress. The soil in your area looks very rich. In OH, the soil is very clay-like and lighter in color. Wishing you a speedy and peaceful building process. Take care, Heather p.s. we are supposed to close on our house mid-February sometime; no specific date yet.

  3. What a lovely home you will have..and that view is amazing. Happy day to you.

  4. Soooooo exciting, Taci!!! Thanks for letting us admire your new home site and see some of the progress on the building of the new house! Blessings to you and yours as you live in cramped quarters while trying to maintain a normal routine along with continuing to finalize the choices for the house finishes. xx

  5. How exciting Taci! To watch you house being built, brick by brick! It is going to be so beautiful! Your shawl is going to be beautiful too!!
    xo Kris

  6. Hi Taci.. oh how exciting to build your own dream home! That is one thing I always wanted to do but will never be able to do. So, you are brave and wonderful to do this. I hope to see it in person some day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Oh how very exciting for you! thanks for sharing the photos with us-love your views too! Shawl looks pretty, I thing grey is nice sometimes-goes with everything-enjoy your day Kathy

  8. Taci, I am so excited for you. Picking things out, colors, lights, tile and such is so much fun. It will all come together beautifully. Love your new shawl, gray is my go to color, I just love it.

  9. Wow! How exciting Taci. I look forward to seeing your house grow. Stunning scenery indeed

  10. So happy for you! How wonderful! The view is gorgeous too! :)

  11. How exciting for you all dear's such a wonderful adventure!
    Susan x

  12. Congratulations on your new house! It must be very exciting for you. God is good!

  13. Hi, Taciana, I am a volunteer with Vicki Boster's "Grow Your Blog" event which is TODAY. You signed up for this blog hop; if you still wish to participate, a blog post and link to the party must be posted here by 4:00 pm EST, otherwise your blog address will be removed. Here is the link:

    Hope you can still join us :)

  14. How exciting to be building your own home! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The view from the property is amazing, I can see why you want to live there. I enjoyed the peek at your scarf too, I like grey very much. x

  15. I missed this post so am happy now to catch up - what a beautiful site for your dream home,Taci, and before you know it you'll be moved in and settled! It's such an exciting time, planning and choosing in anticipation of the big day when you'll have the key to the door!
    I really love your new scarf, very nicely done and will be such a pleasure to wear, I'm sure!
    Hugs, Joy x


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