Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Blanket in the Block...

I have spent quite some time thinking about starting a new blanket. My SIL is having a pretty important Birthday this year... She is turning 50... she is a wonderful person, giving and generous and I think she is more than worth it the amount of work I'll have to put into making a blanket for her. I have just shown you the blanket I made for her daughter's wedding this last summer (look at my wedding blanket post -sorry I'm not able to put a link from blogger today) and she absolutely loved it.

She loves pink, she loves colors and most of all she loves flowers ...

So I decided to go with a very colorful, Japanese flower blanket and put a pink border when it is all done.

I don't really have a pattern other than I know I'll probably make 130 flowers , I am using 13 colors and a size 5mm J crochet hook. I'm using LionBrand Wool-Ease and I'm very happy with the result. The blanket looks beautiful and it will be easier for her to wash when she needs to.

I have to make at least one flower a day and sometimes that is a very hard goal to accomplish, but I am confident I can get it done by the end of April for her special birthday.

If you need any more details you can always ask me, i'm not following a pattern , but this "make as I go" kind of plan is different .. it is very liberating (although kind of stressful for me sometimes - I don't always follow a pattern, but I like to write my own pattern and plan before I start a blanket and this is a whole new thing)

Here are a few pictures for you to see my progress ... and I can't wait to show you the big reveal in April.

I want to thank you for visiting me today ... I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as enjoy reading all of your comments.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. Hi Taci! Your blanker is looking absolutely beautiful. You are such a gifted crocheter AND knitter. Your SIL is a very lucky lady. Guess what? I'm coming back to Portland next Sunday for a week. I hope the four of us can get together then.

  2. It is looking gorgeous! She will most certainly love and cherish it, always!
    XO Kris

  3. Good morning Taci, how lovely that you're doing this blanket for your SIL, it is quite a tight schedule but I can see from your post you have a sort of plan and of course you know how much work is involved. The little flower motifs you've done so far are just darling and I like that you're using lots of different colours, good luck with this project and your blogging friends will try and keep you motivated. It is also my 50th this year, my children are organising a family trip away for me, so exciting.

  4. Hello Taci.. your flower blanket is going to be stunning! After I'm done with Caleb's little boy blanket I think I'll pick up my flower shawl that is 1/2 done.. or maybe use my new red alpaca/silk.. hmm.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh what a beautiful blanket on the way Taci - your SIL will be delighted I'm sure - and it certainly does have that lovely gentle Japanese-y look to it. Enjoy the crocheting and I'll be looking forward to seeing progress posts! Hugs, Joy xo

  6. Beautiful Taci. She is going to love it. Wishing you continued fun on building your dream home. What a lovely lot!

  7. Well done Taci, those flowers are so beautiful and very addictive. Your SIL is going to love it. Beautiful choice for a beautiful blanket.

  8. Your blanket is going to be lovely and a wonderful gift for a special b-day. Enjoy your project; looking forward to watching your progress. Heather

  9. The flowers look so pretty, Taci. I love the colors. This is going to be a gorgeous blanket!

  10. Your crochet blanket is looking beautiful Taci..I love the flower design and the colours too...your SIL is going to be thrilled with your gift!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  11. Ooooh...the blanket is beautiful already, Taci! It will be a very special present for your SIL and I too think she will love it and appreciate the love you put into making it for her. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!!!! :) xx

  12. Soo beautiful!! ♥ I'm sure your SIL will be excited!! Can't wait to see the finished blanket :-). Thanks for your nice comment on my egg cozies! A wonderful and sunny week for you as well

  13. Love, love, love that pattern! Its going to be gorgeous Taci!

  14. What a beautiful blanket :o)
    Guess your SIL is going to be very happy for it.

    Greetings from DK

  15. I love the crochet blanket, love that pattern!! thanks you!

  16. Gorgeous flowers! Your blanket will be beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Marianne x

  17. What a beautiful idea for a blanket - like a field of flowers. It's going to be gorgeous when it all comes together, and what a nice gift for your sister in law. Have a great week Taci. x


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