Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Three Little Kittens...They Found their Mittens...

Hi there Friends ...

I did find this great pattern on Ravelry ...One Hour Mitts by Natalja. It is a very easy pattern and you really, honestly can make it in one hour each one. I made mine with a wool I bought last year on the Yarn Crawl here in Portland, OR. I didn't have the label anymore, so unfortunately I cannot tell you the brand, but I know it's 100% wool. The pattern called for a size bigger, but I used a size 6 or 7 double pointed needles because I wanted it to be tighter and more dense and I accomplished just that...

I have been using it so much that you will notice on the pictures that it is already very well warn out. I wanted to add one row of a different color to the edges, but it has been so cold in here this week I couldn't wait to do that...

I just love my little mittens and now I understand why the little kittens were so happy when they found their mittens (that book was one of my daughter's favorite children's book... I read it so much I think I still know it by heart :))

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are and if not maybe you can make a pair of these cute mittens and keep your hands toasty and happy :)

Before I go I just wanted to share a bit of our girls lunch today... I wish we had more time, but I'm grateful for the time we spent together. We shared birthday gifts for the February birthday girls: Betsy, Grace and I. But of course we also had a little something for Teresa, even though she didn't have a birthday this month she has a big part of our hearts. She brought us chocolate hearts and the beautiful card with a picture of the four of us. I love the card so much as Betsy mentioned, I think I will also frame mine. Grace gave us all some nice, beautiful yarn and a very special card that had a beautiful drawing she made. Betsy gave us "her heart" in the form of the cutest knitted heart pin. We had a wonderful time as we always do and I feel so fortunate to have them in my life ... I feel so very lucky.

Thank you so much to all my new and current followers for stopping by here today ...you all are the reason I am here ... :)

Have a wonderful week !!!


  1. Hi Taci. The mittens looks so cute and cozy! I wonder if I could successfully knit a pair. Remember, I am a novice knitter. I have only done washcloths and slippers.
    I love that you four gals have such a wonderful time getting together. I know how much it means to each one of you. Wonderful ladies...all of you.

  2. Taci, it was great to see you today! You forgot to add my name.. but I was there! LOL! Hope to see you soon.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I have yet to try to knit fingerless mitts, but yours came out beautifully, Taci, and they are especially practical when you want to use your iPhone :) Thanks again for the lovely crocheted washcloth ( I attached the heart and love it!) The nail file and hand sanitizer are both things I need and will use, too. It is a joy to be with you, and I always look forward to our times together, and appreciate your loving friendship. xx

  4. Those mittens look great, I must have a go at those because it is freezing cold and horribly wet here at the moment. You all look so happy at your blogging lunch!

  5. Love the mittens Taci. My D.I.L. would like some so I need to get busy. Here it is cold, grey, very windy and yet MORE rain! Love all the gifts that were exchanged at your get together with Gracie, Teresa and Betsy. Friends like that are so special! Hugs Anne x

  6. Look at all of your gorgeous faces! You can feel the love you have for each other all they way here in Florida. What wonderful gifts you share, the gift of friendship being the best. Love your mitts Taci, Hugs to you my darling friend.

  7. So wonderful to be such great friends and spend such lovely times together - Happy Birthday Taci,and to Betsy and Gracie! Your mitts look so cosy and warm and sounds like you need them too! Lovely pic of you all together! Joy x

  8. Hello Taci, Your mittens are very pretty and cozy looking. You ladies had a very lovely get together. You are all very fortunate to have such a wonderful friendship. Hugs Judy

  9. Great gloves! They look warm and cozy, as do your friends! ;)

  10. What a wonderful time! :)

  11. I had such a wonderful time Taci and I cherish the advice you gave me about CASA. You are an inspiration with your love for children. And...I love your gloves. I've been thinking of making a pair for myself and I think this may bee the pattern I was looking for.

  12. What a lovely lunch you all had, however short it was I'm sure you'll do it all again. The mitts look great, toasty hands a must right now :-)

  13. Great photo Taci....how wonderful that you can all meet up and get together so often!
    Lovely warm gloves,lots of scrumptious goodies ....and time with friends....what more can one ask for!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  14. Your mitts are awesome ! i love them


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