Thursday, July 24, 2014

Learning every day ...

Hi there friends. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

We have had wonderful summer days here in Oregon. Although I keep enjoying the wonderful view we have here from our house I have not been very good at taking pictures to show you exactly what we have been enjoying ... I will really try to do it this next week as we are going to take a week vacation. We are going to stay home... Work on the house a bit and enjoy a few day trips and hikes around our beautiful city.

I have been working on a few projects and I will have a couple of things to show you very soon... I just finished 2 projects for a friend who is getting married tomorrow, but forgot to take pictures of the final project ... What is wrong with me ??? I think I have been tired ... Moving and all ...

So, although I debated with myself if I should show you a somewhat unfinished project I decided I will anyways ... Because I already sent it to the new owners ...

Here it goes ...

I started my day last Saturday determined I was going to learn a new skill... I have always thought I should learn to do embroidery... I always thought it was amazing all the work I see out there ... And although I have tried before I never thought it was really for me ...
So when my friend MaryAnn said she was having a very small and simple wedding this Friday I decided it was about time for me to learn how to embroider and make a little pillow with their initials for them... You see... my friend loves handmade gifts and she herself loves to knit, crochet and to sew... So what a perfect opportunity for me to learn a new skill and at the same time make a little, simple, humble gift for her to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

... And that is exactly what I did... I spent several hours on Saturday just learning, reading, and teaching myself... Yes .. to embroider :)

My mom is a very talented embroider and a wonderful semester ( I have shown her projects here on my blog before). Both my sisters also are masters at embroidering and I was the last one in the family ... The one who never really liked and never really wanted to learn... In addition, one of my best friends, Natalie, who lives really close to me is also a wonderful embroider and she was willing to help me, to talk to me and answer a few questions...

Well... The result ??? I found out it's never, ever too late to learn something new...
It was actually a lot of fun ... I found out that this new skill was very helpful and made me relax as much as I do when I knit and crochet ...

I have to say I don't think it is my best work ... I felt like a 5 year old had done the embroidery when I finished ( no offense at all) ... But I was also just as proud as a 5 year old is when they present their work to their parents ... Not very fancy, not very sophisticated ... But made with lots of love and with the feeling that something ... A new life lesson was learned ... What a wonderful feeling . I have a picture of it when it was almost finished. I sewn the pillow and finished with a little crochet border ( my obsession with crochet borders on everything never ends) and I added 3 rows of the chain stitch to the letter ( a suggestion my friend Natalie gave to me ) and it looks a lot better ...

I know my little gift is not really a big deal per say ... But I feel I big accomplishment with having gone forward and learning to do something I have tried so many times and never really enjoyed.

I feel a big accomplishment and a huge sense of relief because now I'm part of "the club" with my mom and my sisters. I actually just want to hurry up and find all my supplies ( yes, I do have supplies they have giving to me all those times I sat myself up to once again learn how to embroider) and start a new embroidery project ... Soon ... I feel the inspiration coming...

So... Don't be surprised if one of these days I present to you not a knitting project... Not a crochet project or even a sewing project ... But yes ...a new embroidery project I'm about to start.

.......................................................:) :) :) :) :) ......................................................

Hope you are having a wonderful week and thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments ... I love each and every one of them.


  1. Oh what a beautiful pillow Taci! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure it will be cherished by the bride and groom for the rest of their lives. Those moments with your Mom, sisters and Natalie must have sunk in because that looks like a pro did it, I like the addition of the crochet chain for fullness. Teresa has emailed about dinner-have you seen the message yet? I can't wait to see you.

  2. Taci, I love the way your first embroidered project turned out...and it is a treasure because you took the time to make something special for your friends to help them celebrate their wedding. Thanks for posting! xx

  3. I love this. It turned out so nice! What a great gift.

  4. A great pillow, love the embroidery but the crochet surround is a real delight.

  5. Hi Taci.. how great that you decided to learn something new that your mother and sisters love to do! You did a fine job and made a family heirloom in the bargain. You should be proud! I look forward to seeing you and the girls soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It looks beautiful Taci. X

  7. Look at you go! My Grandmother and my sister are very talented with a needle, me not so much. But now you have given me inspiration. Your friend is going to love this thoughtful gift.

  8. I agree Taci's a great feeling to learn a new craft and it's never too late! Your embroidery project looks beautiful and I love the pretty edging too x
    Wishing you a happy new week,
    Susan x

  9. Well done on mastering embroidery Taci, I am glad you're enjoying the process and your first attempt is lovely. This is something I want to do at some point but I have so many other projects vying for my attention lol. I look forward to your pictures of your new home and city, take care xx


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