Monday, August 25, 2014

My Ravelry Collection

Hi there friends. 
I have been so busy trying to get the house in order and the kids set up to start school again.
Summer is coming to an end and I can hardly believe school is going to start in one week here for us ... where did the 3 months summer vacation go ???

I have been busy cleaning, unpacking more boxes and getting ready for a new school year. 
My daughter is going to be a Senior this year... and after HS comes to an end ... off to a new path and to college she will be. Independence and all the fun and responsibilities that come with it ...
I knew this day would get here... I'm glad this day got here ... but I can't lie I'm a bit nostalgic about it.
It's just starting now, but sooner than I expect it will be ending and she will be turning a huge new page in her life.
Don't get me wrong I'm very happy and extremely excited for her. The perspectives are for a beautiful future and the dreams are endless. I want her to go explore and live life to the fullest... but I will for sure miss my little girl. Till the day she goes though I'm going to live every second and every moment with her... I'm going to enjoy seeing her grow up to be the smart, beautiful, kind young woman she is becoming ... the young woman I'm so proud of.

Now ... I have been working on several different projects this week, but honestly have not taken any pictures yet because I have been updating my Ravelry account. Since I started my blog I have not even posted one single project on my Ravelry space. I post here and forget that Ravelry can be so very helpful and so fun for so many other people to look at.
So, I decided to go on and start updating my profile and have started with a few pictures of my projects.
While it is still a work in progress I sure made a little progress tonight and here are a few of the pictures I posted there :

wow, after I posted some of the pictures I do have a feeling that shawls, scarves and cowls are my favorite things to knit and crochet ...
I do love the instant gratification that these projects bring to me ...
These are mostly the ones I made for myself and I can honestly say I made at least 50 of them last year... Mostly gifts for family and friends ...
They make me happy and i hope they make somebody happy also...

And if this is the whole purpose of my knitting ... to make somebody happy and make me happy ... I think I will keep on doing it ...

I will leave you with a picture of a wip ... Another one I just started yesterday for my daughter's new year at school ...  Will give you all the details as soon as I finish it.

And life goes on... as happy as we can make it :)

Hope you are having a fabulous week ... and thank you for coming to visit me today, you make me happy. 


  1. Look at all of those pretty things! I am working on Christmas gifts now too!!! Those holidays will be before we know it!
    The kids here are all back in school too. I am enjoying having some "me" time!

  2. Hi Taci, wow, you've made so many pretty things! Good job on updating your Ravelry account. I'll have to check it out. I do hope to see you and the girls again soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. OH.. and I'm glad you've decided to cherish each moment of this last full year of your daughter living at home with you. My kids are all grown and married and have kids.. time moves so very fast. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Taci, this was such a sweet heart-filled post. Yes our children do grow up. I don't think any Mother is ever quite ready for it. You know how I feel about mine all being so far away. :-). raise them the best that you possibly can, and a I know you have, and then you watch them become their own person. That is NOT always easy. You amaze me with all that you do. Personally and craft wise. Your cowls, scarves and shawls are gorgeous.
    I am so blessed to call you my friend Taci.

  5. Some wonderful projects for your Ravelry page Taci, it can be easy to forget to post there, it is never my first port of call but I try and keep it up to date as best I can.
    New adventures on the horizon for your daughter, enjoy her at home whilst you can

    Have a great week xx

  6. I was so impressed with all those beautiful scarves, shawls and cowls they are a real delight. Its not easy being a mother, you have to love them enough to let them go and know they will love you enough to keep coming back. God bless.

  7. Beautiful projects Taci. I hope your daughter has a blessed senior year. We've been busy here too with school; we are in our 2nd week. Have a wonderful day. Heather

  8. Kris, Teresa, and Betsy have each typed things I want to share with you as well, Taci. I am so glad blogging has brought us together, and that through it we can encourage each other in our creative pursuits, and appreciate the opportunities we have around us to grow and enjoy loving relationships with others. The projects you have completed and shown in this post are beautiful, and I am especially fond of the pink cowl you showed in the first is so delicate and lovely. May you know peace as you enjoy this exciting school year! xx

  9. My heart hurts a little each year at the start of school too, they do grow up, and as moms, we miss their tiny little faces and each time we look at them, its easy to see the little-ness in their grown up-ness too. Prayers for you sweet friend.

    ...and I do love your scarves Taci! Especially the purple and plum colored one in the middle from chunky weight. All just gorgeous. . :)

  10. Hi Taciana...
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and your lovely comment about my brother...
    I am also a crocheted cowl freak!!!
    Made about 10 last year...not nearly as many as you though!
    My children are all grown...but I can relate to your never changes, no matter how BIG they get!
    And now I have a darling Granddaughter to spoil!
    Hope to see you again at mine!
    Linda :o)

  11. Hello Dear Taci - a sweet sweet post. Took me back many years to when my sons started their last school year before moving on. My eldest went off to Uni and the youngest went to Uni but stayed at home. Since then they have made very good lives and we now have dear D's.I.L. and beautiful grandchildren. Time moves on so quickly - enjoy this year before your daughter begins a new phase of her life, It is sad but also the next chapter of yours and your DH's. I love all your makes you have been so busy. I am trying to make some scarves for presents for my friends - slow going though. I am Ellamae on Ravelry - I don't have a lot on there though :-( Tomorrow we have our grandsons coming to stay for a few days before they return to school next wee. That will keep us on our toes :-) such fun. Hugs Anne x

  12. I always love to see what you create, Taci, and your scarves and cowls are always so stylish and chic. You have a real eye for colour and pattern. I've never put my projects on Ravelry, I'm wondering if I should now.

    Good luck to your daughter for her senior year at school. x

  13. You have made some VERY NICE projects, Taci. Thanks for sharing, because they are always a source of inspiration.

  14. Wow, you are very productive! I love all of your recent works :) Neckwarmers are on the top of my knitting list as well! A girl could never have enough of them ;)

  15. Oh it's the same to me, Taci! I also put my photos only on the blog and not on my Ravelry account. But I'm planning to make good for it, too ;-). Your projects all look very lovely, my favorite is the rose one on the first photo ♥. Thanks for your sweet comment on my scarf and have a happy Sunday! Nata xxx

  16. A lot of projects at once! Beautiful work and you are ready for the coming winter. :)) yes, Ravelry is a big community. Good luck to your daughter!

  17. Your work inspires me! I love them all! Thanks for bring on the cozy October weather....Happy Fall. .


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