Sunday, August 31, 2014

River Rocks run through ...

Just a quick post to wish you a wonderful Labor Day Monday if you are celebrating it ...

We usually go camping or somewhere for this long weekend ... This year we had a staycation.
It's been nice ... We got a lot done in the house and tomorrow I plan to relax a little ...

Since we didn't go camping I thought I embellish some of our rocks. This one is a rock my daughter had since she was in kindergarten. She has always loved rocks and she brings and buys them everywhere we go...

I was so happy on how they turned out I think I'm going to make more ... Lots more.

I found the pattern on ravelry : Lacy River Rocks, by Margaret Oomen. Lovely, easy pattern and so satisfying ... In about an hour you have a pretty, door/paper weight. I think I will make some more tomorrow :)

My kids' start school on Tuesday ... Off we go into another school year ...

Thanks for stopping by to "visit" me again ... And have a lovely Labor Day, holiday Monday !


  1. I have yet to cover a rock with crochet, but I love what you have done, Taci. I need to find a rock and try to crochet a cover for it. Blessings of peace and good health to you and yours, Dear. xx

  2. I LOVE your rock crochet! Could you email the pattern to me? What yarn did you use? Is that colorful chalk on the rock? Makes it psychedelic! I hope to see you again soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love your rock Taci! I've only crocheted around one so far and I really liked it. I need to go to the coast and find some pretty rocks so I can make more too. They're kind of addictive. :-) Tomorrow is our anniversary. 36 years! We went out to dinner tonight to our favorite Mexican restaurant. No big plans for tomorrow except relax, knit, spend time with Dennis, Mandy & Piper. I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day too Taci.

  4. Such a great idea, they would make great paper weights. Have a good day.

  5. I just love that! How neat, and the colors on the rock too. Beautiful presentation Taci! :)

  6. A staycation sounds perfect, lots of time to get things organized and plenty of time to crochet. Love your rock Taci, good luck to your youngsters as they start another school year.

  7. Hello Taci I like staycations but this year we've not been able to go away so would quite like to :-) Love your rock crochet. Also like the views outside of your home. Hugs Anne x


  8. Children and rocks ... When my daughter was a smaller, she used to keep rocks in the all pockets in her clothes, so I really had to checked them out before washing the clothes. But sometimes when the washing maschine was on, I suddenly could hear some noise from the washing maschine *boink ~ boink* ... I had forgotten to check out my daughters pockets ...

    Sweet idea to cover the rock.
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from DK.

  9. That looks great. There is something really pleasing about the contrast between the hard stone and the soft yarn, isn't there? x


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