Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A big thank you and My first hat this year

Hi there Dear Ones ...

You are all such a great, wonderful bunch !!!
I feel so blessed and overjoyed ... I have gotten such a great response from all of you about my little endeavor ... My great hat adventure. I feel blessed to know that I'm part of such a caring and supportive community. To know that all over the world there are people like YOU ... People that care and people that want to help one another and the ones that have less than we do. In a way I don't feel like they have less than we do ... They have less material possessions, but they have so much to offer and they have giving me this great gift ... To know and to get to know each one of you a little better and to feel so connected by this effort.

Thank you for such a great gift and for creating this strong link that now keeps us all together.

I have made my first hat for this year and I know many of you are already fast at work making yours ... Go check Teresa's ( www.teresakasner.blogspot.com ) she made 4 adorable hats already ...
I was also so surprised last week with such a sweet delightful gift that my sweet friend Betsy (from www.thesimplelifeofaqueen.blogspot.com) sent to me... This cute, sweet, pink heart. Thank you my sweet friend. You are so great and thoughtful ... When I count my blessings you are always included my dear friend ... You made me smile and made my day.

Before I go today I wanted to say my most heartfelt, humble THANK YOU again to all of you who have volunteered and are donating your time, your talent, your gift and your heart to help with this project ... It would really not be possible without you.

Hope you have a wonderful week ... Thanks for stopping by and I hope to "See"you soon my dear friends.


  1. Hi Taci.. I am so happy to help you on this project. I think your Mother is wonderful to help those young mothers out with things for their new baby. I'm making an organic cotton one right now. I hope it goes to a sweet little one who needs it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Taci, I LoVe our blogging community. Theses ladies are the best and I'm not surprised one little bit that so many are helping you make hats. I saw Teresa's on her blog today. So cute! And yours is sweet too. I love the heart pin next to it. You are such an amazing woman, my dear friend, and a very real blessing in my life. I'm so glad to call you my friend.

  3. Wonderful! I hope that you get lots more hats! xx

  4. I am appreciative of you taking items to help other people out. Right now I am not able to doing any knitting for this project. I need to get a pr of slippers made for husband that I promised him last month. Sigh!!! I like the hat you made....looks good!! Hugs to you!

  5. I am running behind on my hats but I will try and make more this weekend, work has been a bear!
    Hugs to you wonderful Taci,

  6. Thank you so so much go for the lovely crochet bird you sent to me, it is beautiful and looks fab hanging from my bookshelf.

    I am so grateful to have you as a blogging friend!


  7. Hello! I ambled over here from Mereknits. I have just knitted my first hat ever (though I have crocheted a few). I would like to join in and send you a hat or two. I see you crocheted the Ghost Cone Scarf! I made that one too in 2014!

  8. Oh Taci, you are doing the most wonderful thing here. You have such a generous heart. And how wonderful that so many good people have offered to get involved. x


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