Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Year in Review

Here we go my dear friends
Another year has come and gone and we are already at the start of a New Year with great resolutions and renewed hope.
I know that its not really the first day of the year, but I have always wanted to do a review in the beginning of the year and thought this year I'm going to start making time to do the things I have always wanted to do and haven't yet ...

I have had a few hiccups during the holiday season which prevented me from being here more often. My dearest MIL fell and got really hurt (she is doing much better now thank God) and I got sick and had no energy,  but you all know how much I enjoy being here and visiting with you so the first chance I had ... here I am.
I was dreaming of making a collage of my projects for each month ... well, first I need to find the right program, learn how to use it and then put it here for you to see... I am hoping that will happen in 2015, but I have not yet mastered that ... see I'm not a huge fan of computers and I get very impatient to learn new things on it ... but as I said when I first started ... this is the year to adventure and do new things ... so who knows ? maybe one of these months you will see a collage of my projects.
For now I'm going to post a picture of one of my favorite (or two) projects for each month and just fill your eyes with lots and lots of pictures...
I think I was a little selfish that month ... I made this lovely shawl for myself

this beautiful cowl ... again for myself ...
 ... ok ... and lots of this one for friends and family in December and January ...

February is HEART month and although I didn't show you I did make lots of cute hearts ... but I also made this fun mittens (again for myself)
this warm navy blue cowl
and this cute crochet hook case with a yarn I got for my birthday (which yes it is in February so maybe I can justify being selfish again >>>:)
MARCH was a nice month as we go to the Yarn Crawl every year ... we got so many adorable patterns and I set up to make this cowl as soon as I got home that day ...


and then my husband's cousin got married to a lovely gall who we really love and I made some washcloths to go with a gc we gave to her for her bridal shower ...
They say APRIL showerS bring May flowers but for me April did bring lots of flowers ...
I finished my lovely SIL's birthday blanket
Then I started a beautiful lacy scarf (which I set aside and hope to finish this year )

and made a cute little blanket and hat for a friend's granddaughter ( I made lots of these blankets last year ... I think pretty close to 20 of them ...I just forget to take pictures isn't crazy?)

Then MAY and Spring just sprout at our doors ... lots of beautiful flowers ... the sun started to shine and we started to prepare to move ... our house was almost ready ... I have no idea how I found anytime to knit and crochet, other than the fact that it is my favorite way to relax and I needed that. 
So, I started a blanket for my niece who was graduating in June ... I have to tell you I don't know how I did but I made a whole blanket in 1 month ...
Then it was JULY ... we were now in our house ... lots of boxes and sometimes complete chaos ... but it didn't matter ... we were finally in our house  our house ... I was so happy to start our new journey and was having so much fun decorating ... one little space at a time ...
So, I made some washcloths for our house ...

and these cute bunting for the 4th of July celebration
I also made some crochet cover rocks to use as a door weights
AUGUST came like a flash and I had 2 baby blankets and other projects in mind so I kept working.
I started this baby blanket almost a year before and had packed away, so I tried to work on it but to this day I have not finished it either (I have a few  "unfinished business" to work on this year  ... hopefully I will get them done )

and again another one of my "trade mark" baby blanket , I told you I made lots and lots of them.

We watched the most beautiful sunsets and really enjoyed our first summer in our home .

SEPTEMBER is the beginning of fall and I absolutely love Autumn and all its glorious colors ...
I still had another baby blanket to make, this time for our nephew and niece who were having the cutest baby girl ...

I also made them the cutest baby bib and burp rugs
I was so happy with them and the adorable fabrics I found.

Then it was OCTOBER ...time for  HALLOWEEN and pumpkin pie and we had all kinds of fun

I have been making this pumpkins for a few years now (I took a class many years ago at one of our local yarn stores) and I just absolutely love them.
and a pumpkin hat for the new baby in our family ... she looked so adorable wearing it ...
NOVEMEBER is also a fabulous month as we have thanksgiving and start preparing for Christmas, when the spices and aroma of pumpkin and apple cider fill the air and it is absolutely delicious to me ...
I decided to make some leafs for my table for Thanksgiving (I only accomplished to make one) but I'm certain I will finish the other two for next year as I loved making them.

I also got a request from my daughter for a cowl and it took me a very long time to finish ... but I persisted and by the end of the month ... voila ... it was done
and now to the last month and  my favorite time of the year ... DECEMBER ... CHRISTMAS time for me and my family ... I just love the whole month ...
The preparations, the makings, the cookies, the family gatherings and most especially being with our families ...
I did get a lot done this month , but I really couldn't show much as a big part of it was for Christmas gifts.
I made lots of hats

Lots of crochet collars

Had fun making cute snowflakes ... (this one is my own pattern which I plan to have written and ready for you before the next snow fall here in Oregon :)

and I  even had time to make a cowl for myself ...

But most importantly I'm grateful for the important things I got to do ... spending time with my family and friends and enjoying all the blessings this wonderful 2014 brought to me.

It was also in DECEMBER that we had our wonderful " blogging girls" Christmas lunch. It was in my house this year and I absolutely loved having my friends over ...
I fixed the table for them

We had a lovely time together...

 exchanged thoughtful, beautiful gifts

And as always ... made great memories to strength this wonderful friendship we have created and nourished this last few years.

I want to end my post with my most heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for a wonderful year ...
for sharing the good and not so good moments ... for your friendship and support and for keeping coming back to "visit" me here ...

I'm looking forward to another great year.

May we have a wonderful 2015... CHEERS !!!



  1. Hello my dear friend.. I am very impressed with how many fabulous projects you made, all while working full-time, packing, moving and unpacking, being the mother of two fine children and still making time for friendships. I am knitting a face wash cloth today and I've thought of you many times while working on it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Taci. I adore you! Truly. This was a beautiful post. Your handwork is so lovely and you are so generous with your talent. I feel SO blessed to be your friend. I just wish I could see you and the other girls more often. Imagine me hugging you right now.
    Blessings always,

  3. What a wonderful lot of handiwork you have made through the year. Thanks for sharing!!! It was nice meeting you in Dec. I have a Feb. birthday and so does Betsy..small world!!! I need to get some projects done so badly. I always am tired by the time I get home from work that I don't usually pick to do a craft. But I need to change my ways! Hugs and blessings and pray that you are feeling much better and your MIL as well.

  4. Hello Taci. Oh my I'm so impressed with all that you accomplished in 2014. You make such beautiful things. I wish you and your family the happiest and healthiest 2015.Anne x

  5. What a truly amazing post with so many wonderful creations, a real delight to see. You are such a talented lady.

  6. First of all, I hope that your MIL is now well on the road to recovery, and that you are all well again too. That must have been a very difficult time for you and your family.

    I loved reading through your review of the year, so many lovely things you made! And making a big blanket in a month, wow! I made a lap blanket for my mum in just under a month and felt quite pleased!!!!

    I hope that 2015 brings blessings, happiness and good health to your family.


  7. What a lovely post Taci and how busy you have been during 2014 all your makes are beautiful. How nice to have blogging friends living close by. All the very best for 2015. :) xx

  8. So many beautiful and wonderful things made throughout your year! I hope that you can enjoy making many more things this year. I hope too that both you and your MIL are well again and will not have any more illness or troubles during the rest of the year. xx

  9. The amount of work you have done this year absolutely astounds me! And everything is just so beautiful. I'm impressed and so inspired by all that you've done.
    I think it's just wonderful that you were able to meet up with your blogger friends. That must have been a delightful luncheon, with so much to chat about. Best wishes for a year filled with peace and joy for you and your family!

  10. Taci, it is amazing how much you got done considering you work full time, Mother two busy kids and moved!!! I love everything you have made, you are so talented. I love your new home and the beautiful way you presented it to the blogging ladies for that wonderful lunch. I love our friendship. Oh and my friend is currently making the shawl you showed us from last January, the yarn is beautiful. You deserve to make things for yourself!

  11. Tack, you are amazing! What fun to see this recap of all of the beautiful things you created this past year! All while you had a busy time with moving!
    I hope you MIL is healing well
    Yu are an inspiration to me!

  12. Amazing, wonderful creations!!!
    Happy week, all the best.:*

  13. All your projects are beautifully done. I'm sorry to hear you have been under the weather, but I hope you (and your MIL too) are both on the mend soon and feeling better. Have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week. Take care, Heather

  14. I am so grateful for our friendship, Taci. You inspire me in so many ways: loving your family, and work, and beautiful and generous creative stitches. I want to learn how to make the mosaics on my computer too this year. I have started the gray cowl, 135 stitches on size four needles, and will try to post a photo soon. Love and hugs xx

  15. You managed to make so many beautiful things.


  16. *WAUW* ... How many hours do you have a day ? ... Here we only have 24 hours a day ;o)
    I really am impressed that you have made so many beautiful things, things which takes more than 'just one day'.
    You are so creative with your hands and I think those who have received some home made things from you, are happy for it.
    Well done.
    Lovely pictures.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  17. What a marvellous range of crochet and knitting, it did my heart good to see.
    What did I like best? - very hard to decide - maybe the March cowl and your SIL's crochet blanket and I love that you made washcloths in these days of multifibres, and I love the hats near the end, especially the dark blue one and your snowflake.

  18. What a lovely, lovely blog! So thankful to have "met" you today! I am your newest follower.:) God bless you in this new year!!


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