Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas little gifts and more hats

Hi there Friends...

I'm starting to feel like the Holiday is approaching too fast and I'm already starting to have this feeling that I won't have enough time to get everything done...

I tried to start really early this year so I feel very good because I already finished and sent everything to my family in Brazil. 
I also started and have almost finished with teacher's little gifts..
We are doing it very simple as my kids have 7 teachers each.
We made this magnets with very cute pictures on them. 

They were fun to make and I hope their teachers will like it. We made sets of 3 for each teacher...They can use in their classroom or refrigerator to hold notes and photographs...

We are almost all done with those and will start to package them this next weekend... I'll show you when the sets are all separated and done...

I also have been making lots of little hats. As I mentioned before my mom and sister help supports an orphanage/Center to help needy children in Brazil. They help pregnant moms by making a whole layette for the new baby and I have been trying to make some hats to send so they can add to it. 
It's so fun and such a great feeling to see how happy the mom's are when they get their bag... the happiness in their eyes is worth any of the effort and for me it's fun to make these hats thinking about the end result.

So here are some of the hats...
some are my own pattern like these ones ...

And some I saw at Shari's blog www.lauren'scloset.blogspot.com

And some at www.tangledmehappy.com

Sorry the pictures look side ways... I'm too tired to figure it out how to change them...I did have lots of fun making each one of them.

Now... I have been working on some ornaments that I
will sale in a holiday bazaar or on my etsy store... I'm getting ready to post them there and will let you know when I am done so you can check it out...
I try to do one bazaar a year and part of the proceeds goes again to help the children in Brazil.

Well friends it's Monday (Oh wait ) it's Tuesday ...but it feels like Monday because it was a holiday for me yesterday and I'm so very tired...
I'm going upstairs drink my tea and knit for a little bit before I go night-night...

Next time I will show you my ornaments...

Thanks for coming to visit me and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a wonderful week!



  1. What great gifts for the teachers and the babies! Good for York! Hugs, Teresa

  2. You are such a doll for sharing my football hats.....Don't you just LOVE them! I am sure the kids will to...they are a big hit in this neighbor!!! It is very sweet of you and your mom to make some for all of those sweet children. Hope you have a wonderful week...


  3. My goodness you should be tired with all you have been doing. I love everything you have made, and I know the recipients will too.

  4. All things are so cute! Love the owl!


  5. TACI querida, passei para agradecer a visita e o carinho.Obrigada por ter me add na tua relação de blogs. Estou aguardando as mudanças no meu e vou fazer o mesmo. Parabéns pelos lindos trabalhos! Um beijão, bem brasileiro.

  6. What great teachers gifts! I just finished mine over be weekend.

  7. Now that the rush is over from my daughter's wedding I suddenly realize that Christmas is just 5 weeks away and can relate to how you are feeling about completing all the gifts you would like to in time. The good gifts that you have already completed will surely be appreciated. Thanks for posting :) xx from Gracie

  8. woooow, the crafts is so creative, I will learn to make some of it,,, thank you for the Idea


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