Sunday, November 4, 2012

New hat and beautiful flowers

Hi there friends

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday
I started this hat this week for my neighbor who I first met when he was 5 years old...
He is now in college (at OSU) which is the same college my husband went to and my daughter will probably go...
It was a fun project and now I'm going to make the same one for my husband...
I was very happy with the result as I had to make the chart myself. 
 I went to one of my favorite knitting stores here in Portland...Twisted I got a black and an orange Malabrigo pure merino superwash ...

Worked on it for a couple of evenings while watching tv...

And voila...
The hat was done...

My neighbor's son wore it last night for the game ...

and YEAH...we won! GO BEAVERS !

I had so much fun I'm going to start another one right after dinner :)

A friend just brought me some flower today... she is so kind and so nice...
I just love it it's so pretty I want to share with you before I go.

Have a wonderful end of your Sunday and I hope you have a lovely week.

Thanks for coming to visit me :)


  1. That hat is awesome! Great job!

    Such pretty flowers too!

  2. WOW.. that hat you did ROCKS!! Gorgeous flower gift, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That hat is amazing, I bet you made that young man the happiest of any of the students at the game. I love it.
    Your flowers are beautiful.
    hugs to you,

  4. Muito legal e impressionante! Não sei como você consegue fazer tricot da letra! Parabéns mais uma vez! Beijos, querida!

  5. What a nice HAT! You did a great job!!!! Nice flowers from friends always make me smile...they are lovely! So sorry I have been absent, life is busy! Shari

  6. You are so talented! I have been playing with knitting needles for a couple of weeks but can't make much other than scarves. I guess its a start.


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