Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pin Cushion for my craft room

Hi there friends,

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.
I had a somewhat quiet afternoon, after going with my friend Natalie to choose some yarn ( yummy :)) with her for a blanket she wants to crochet.

When I got home I sat on my couch watching a little bit of tv ( a horrible movie by the way... not my style at all)... But with all the anxiety of the movie I was able to start and finish a project I've been wanting to make for a long time.

I have been redoing my craft room for about a month now ... And at the rate I can do it, it will take me another month to finish it. My basic colors for the room are grey and yellow ( which is a color I love - it reminds me of the sun in Brazil). I have changed the furniture around...have changed a couple of pictures... And I have been making a few things for it...

Now I still need to paint the walls and paint a window seat my husband ... Wonderful husband :) built for me over spring break.

I have finished a pillow, but wasn't able to photograph it yet. I'll show it here soon. But this afternoon I finally made a pin cushion.

I have been wanting to make one for so long. I think I got motivated by the pin cushion Shari from made yesterday. Her pincushion was so pretty ... it gave me the push I needed.

I made mine from a pattern for a blanket I saw on This is such a beautiful blanket and I have had it on my to do list for a I decided to test and make one square and it ended up being just perfect for my pin cushion...

I'm quiet happy with the result. I'll probably try it again and will make a few more.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and that you find something that makes you tremendously happy this weekend.

Lots of Love.


  1. This is so adorable!! Everyone should have one!

  2. Very cute pincushion! I love the combination of yellow and grey ♥

  3. That is a very pretty little pincushion. It seems that you and Teresa have both been inspired by Shari of late. :) Have a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

  4. I also want to make a pin cushion now! LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Yarn store, pin cushion, crochet and redoing your crafty space....sounds like a perfect day. I love the colors you have chosen. Shari is an inspiration and so are you.

  6. Very pretty Taci! I am glad my inspiration blew your way. It came out great! Hugs, Shari

  7. I love your new pincushion-reminds me of a pretty sunflower-happy sunday

  8. A very Pretty bright and sunny pincushion. Love it. Hugs Judy

  9. Fabulous colours and great pattern - would brighten any room!
    Ali x

  10. SO pretty Taci! I'm hoping to make a pincushion soon too...but it will have to wait until my trip to Portland and lunch with you! Shari a
    Has been inspiring many of us with her beautiful blog hasn't she?

  11. I love your sunny yellow, too, Taci. Your pincushion is perfect.
    Also, I loved your article about making crocheted edging! I bought the magazine. Is it ok to print a hard copy of your directions?
    Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

  12. Some things are really attractive and different and this is one of them. I would never thought that Cushion Pads can also be used for such thing. I mean its creative. :)

  13. I'm excited about your craft room. Sound sunny and fun!

    The pin cushion is just so cute...more stashbusting ideas. Yay!

  14. Your pincushion is lovely. That's something I need to make too.

  15. Your pin cushion is so darling...I love those colours. Thank you so much for are such an inspiration. xo

  16. Love your pincushion! and in fact all your lovely crochet! Emmax

  17. Ah Taty,
    ficou linda. Adorei a mistura de amarelo com cinza. Ficou show.


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