Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Colorful "Noro" Placemats

You already know ...I looooove color.

So, when my friend Shan gave me a GC to a knitting store near me -Little Lamb and Ewe (if you are from Oregon, or are ever here in Oregon, you should go check it out...they have a great selection of beautiful yarns and a beautiful store...I had to run there and get something new and of course, yet another project to go on my bag...

This time, however, I just couldn't wait till I finished a project to start it ,till I had the perfect pattern or till it was the perfect time to start... The perfect time was now... I could hardy wait till I drove home to start it ... and all the way home, while I was driving, I caught myself glimpsing at it every time I stopped in a red light...

Gorgeous, perfection, beauty... are the only words that comes to my mind when I think about this NORO Taiyo...a mix of cotton, wool and silk ...just pure bliss...

And I decided to make round, circular, simple placemats with it...

No specific pattern , just me, my creativity and my hands working to see what will come out of it... so happy, so pure, and free...

And don't forget about my GIVEAWAY ... go check it out on my previous post ...I'll be drawing a name on May 15th ... and you could be the lucky one !!! :)

I just love crocheting and just love that I can do this... be free to create ... and share it here with you... More to come in the next few days when I get one of them completed.

Happy to be here and even happier that you stopped by to visit me ...Have a lovely week...

Isn't it just GORGEOUS ??????

And don't forget about my GIVEAWAY on my previous post...I'll be drawing a name on MAY 15th ... and YOU could be the LUCKY one ... :)


  1. Gorgeous yarn and great project! You got a lot of comments on your giveaway.. good job! Looking forward to seeing you all... *grin* ~*:-)

  2. Oh how pretty! That is gorgeous yarn and the placemat is lovely. You are so talented my friend. I always have to use a pattern as I have no imagination on my own but follow instruction pretty well! :-)
    See you next week! I can't wait for lunch.

  3. Oh I like your pretty placemat.. I Like crochet placemats so much and I have already made 3 crochet placemats..:)) Good work..:))
    All best wishes...

  4. MMMMM gorgeous colours and fab placemat!
    Thanks for a colourful start to my day!
    Ali x

  5. Oooohhh that is gorgeous Taci - just love the colours. Anne x

  6. Ooo! Love it!

  7. Beautiful yarn Taci, I do that all the time after I buy yarn, I look at it at every stop light. Love the excitement of new, beautiful yarn.

  8. Realmente maravilhosa!!!! Parabéns pela escolha! Beijos

  9. Beautiful yarn and new project, Taci! I am looking forward to our visit next week :-)

  10. Very lovely yarn and very pretty place mats. Hugs Judy

  11. Great yarn. You have such good taste, Taci!

  12. gorgeous yarn! love what you made with it too-

  13. Funnily enough I was only looking at those wools yesterday and wondering which one I would choose to make a shawl that I have coveted for some time!! Also can I afford it!! I have 3 other projects on the go at the moment and have told myself that I have to finish one of those before I can buy it!! I love the colours that you have chosen and they make beautiful place mats!! I have to buy on line so can't just go to a shop and feel the texture and buy so it's really good to see them made up! Joan

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  15. Beautiful placemats. Love the colors and the texture.

  16. That yarn is gorgeous, and I love what you made with it. They would brighten up any table. x


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