Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reduce, Reuse...UPcycle...and I Have a New Bag :)

Hi there friends...

I have had a crazy busy week...but again I think all my days are somewhat crazy busy...being a Mom of 2 teenagers with a full time job makes for very long days. 
But now I have a 5 day weekend as I took today and Friday off and Monday is a holiday for me... so I got a few minutes to say Hello!!!

This last week I was looking at the bag I carry my WIP blankets and I thought it looked so sad...almost ready to be recycled...

I never really liked the handle and the lining was plain and stained...

But I have to say I had always liked the outside of it ...So happy... and it reminded me of Sunshine...

So I decided that was a perfect bag to be UP-CYCLED ...

Since I was little my Mom has always been the "Queen" of recycling, up-cycling and making something old and not so pretty look brand new... I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and I'm happy to say this whole process made me feel closer to my Mom and so appreciative of all that she has thought me ...

I took the old out... and in with the new ..

 new Lining ... New Handles ...

And VOILA ... I have a new bag...

So Happy and Cheerful ... just like I envisioned it ...

and now I am sooooo much more motivated to finish my (never ending) ripple blanket... (if I follow my plan - which I have to say I'm doing pretty good at the moment - it should be done in 2 weeks :))

Happiness and a great inspiration ... all in an Up-cycled bag :)

Hope you have fun plans for the Memorial Day weekend...I plan to rest, spend time with my family and get a little crochet/knitting done :)

Thanks so much to all my followers and to the new ones who have just joined me for your kind comments and for stopping by to see me today.
Have a great rest of the week :)

I hope it's sunny and bright on your side of the world :)


  1. Awesome! Love it! (my go to bag is a basket bag too!)

  2. What a great re-do of your bag! Love the colorful insides.. you could also attach some crochet on the outside if you wanted to. :-) We volunteered at the falls today.. very busy even though it rained all day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. it matches your blanket! lovely! I would actually use that lining material to make a beautiful sunny dress!

  4. Love your "new" bag and you project is coming along-you'll get allot of compliments on that one-

  5. What a clever idea Taci....I love it!! You picked the perfect lining fabric, looks very happy and cheerful. Your blanket is looking really nice..can't wait to see it all laid out!
    Enjoy your days off!!
    xx, Shari

  6. HaPpY, hApPy bag Taci!!! I love the new lining. It's just what you need when those Portland days get rainy and gloomy. :-) Thank you for taking coffee to Mandy my friend. You are such a sweetheart, always thinking of others first.
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your crochet. And now...I'm off to the lake.

  7. It looks great! I love the fabric you used for the lining. x

  8. What a great job you did upcycling and prettifying that bag! I'm sitting here thinking about making a new "bag" myself and even contemplating hand-sewing the lining for it. Grand plans for someone who doesn't like to sew! Your post was very inspiring and may be just what I needed. Isn't it weird how things happen like that? I love your bag. So glad you saved it for a few more years of use. XOXO

  9. Such a neat looking bag to up-cycled it into :) I am loving the bright ripples resting in it..Waiting for you to finish it so that can see its full glory :)

  10. Love your refashioned bag - its so bright and cheerful!
    Your ripple blanket looks fab too - keep up the colourful work - nearly there...
    Ali x

  11. Taci, I love what you have done with the bag, it looks perfect. And you ripple is just so gorgeous. Glad you took a few days off I know you have been so busy lately, it will give you time to relax.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Hello Taci what a wonderful job you have done on your bag. I just love the lining - and the outside is so cheery as well. We have a sunny day today though I have not enjoyed it as much as I would have liked. I am getting over a very vicious tummy bug that meant I stayed in bed yesterday and feel a little weak today. Hopefully will feel even better tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Anne x

  13. Wow, beautiful!! Great job, Taci. That's really a happy bag ♥

  14. Oh I LOVE it! It's so bright and cheerful, perfect as a WIP bag :) xoxo

  15. Hi Taci, awesome work on up-cycling your bag! I'm like that too, always trying to bring new life into old and worn-out things. When I grew up back in Ukraine, my family had very little money, so mending, up-cycling, and re-purposing was the way of living. Things have greatly improved for my family when we moved to the USA, but we still practice the old thrifty way of living ;-)

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  16. I am reading your bright and cheery post while at my oldest sister's in Sonoma. CA. I am here to celebrate the life of my 90 yr. old brother in law who went to be with the Lord on Tuesday. While there is sadness and stress in this time there is also a grand coming together of family and friends appreciating life on earth as well as everlasting life through Christ. Your resurrected bag is beautiful, Taci, and all the wonderful colors you use in your projects are a joy to behold :-) I hope this weekend is recharging you for the days ahead.
    Gracie xx

  17. The bag lining is really pretty, good job.

  18. Love the fabric you've used, it's so cheerful. Very nicely done! xx


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