Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Blankets...oh so cute.

Babies are so cute and I really enjoy make "things for them".
Last week 1 of our friends and a friend at work had a baby in the very same day. A baby boy and a baby girl.
So I got to work and this last weekend that is the result...
2 cute baby blankets for 2 precious babies...

We went to visit them and got to see the baby which was the greatest gift of all.

Just a quick post today to say HI and let you know I have been having some computer troubles so can't really do very long posts but wanted you to know I'm still here and really appreciate your "visit" and your comments.

Have a fun, enjoyable, creative week.

Lots of Love :)


  1. What a nice friend you are to make those blankets for the new babies in your life! How is your new house coming along? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. So soft and cozy! Lucky babies. :-)

    Hope you are getting settled in and that all is well.

  3. What a great gift!! Love the baby blankets with Minky, and beautiful crochet edges!! The Mama's and babies will love them!
    Hope your computer troubles end soon!
    xo Kris

  4. Lovely blankets! I'm sure your friends will be thrilled to receive them :)

  5. Glad to see you popped in to tell us hello. Your blankets are adorable. Very cute! Aren't computer problems just completely maddening?? Grrr! Hope you work it out.

  6. They are really nice, Taci. I hope all is well with you and that things settle down soon.

  7. They turned out so pretty. Nice combination of sewing and crocheting. Very nice gifts!

  8. How sweet of you to make blankets as gifts. Blankets are my favorite thing to make. Yours are coming out so lovely! Love the border you are putting around them. It's a nice touch and the! so nice!
    On another note....I want to let you know that my blogs address was changed a little so here is the new one. It's still the same but I had to tweak it just a little. You can find me here at!
    Hugs to you! Shari

  9. Those blankets are a great idea for a gift!

  10. How lovely they are and how nice that you cold whip them up in no time at all. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. I love the baby blankets, Taci! Practical and precious gifts, and a type of project I want to try. Days ago I started a little embroidery project and did some stitches on the shawl I started months ago. We have been passing around a feverish cold/cough misery around here and have guests for another 4 days and a couple who need emergency housing moving in so we are in a bit of an uproar. God is blessing us though and baby Rose is thriving. Hope your house planning is coming along well!!!


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