Monday, May 28, 2012

Another talented Sister

Yes, I have 2 very talented sisters...

I have shown you a scarf my middle sister, Sarah crocheted for me last week.

Now I want to show a little of what my sister Helida made for me also.
They both love to crochet and they are both great mothers and to honor them and their many talents I have shown a little bit of what they do... and the great things they have made for me.
This are beautiful handmade flowers 
added to my blouse.

This are flowers again in a different color

And these are beautifully embroidered towels with crochet edge that both my kids get every time we go there ... so they don't own a towel that it's not beautifully trimmed :) so happy!

I just love being surrounded by such great talent...  
I'm so lucky and so grateful! :)


  1. Minha querida irmã!Obrigada pela gentileza e pelas doces palavras que sempre emanam de você!! Entretanto, não me considero talentosa, mas sim, inspiradas nas maravilhosas companhias das artistas que Deus me permitiu compartilhar a vida! Obrigada pelo seu incentivo e ajuda! Amo você incondicional e eternamente!! Sua irmã e fã Hélida!

  2. You are solicits lucky to have such talented sisters!


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