Friday, May 11, 2012

Flowers from Yesterday

As promised my friends here are the pictures for the pattern I enter here yesterday.
I'm going to try to post the picture and the explanation for the pattern so it all make sense to you.  
Here we go:
If you go back and look in the yesterday post I edited and added the pictures.

Como havia prometido aqui vao as fotos da receita para fazer a florzinha
Aproveite aqui esta:

Voila!! Hope you enjoy it!

Since this is my first time adding pictures to my blog I think I can do better, but today is Friday and I worked really hard this week and I just want to make a good cup of tea, crawl up in my couch and do a little bit of my crochet again.  
I have been working on a colorful bag inspired by one I saw at She is so talented and I really love all her work. Soon I'll show you a picture and all the progress I have made... I am almost done and I'm very excited to wear it since the sun decided to show up here in this side of the world again. 

Hope to see you soon again. Till next time Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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