Thursday, May 24, 2012

HAPPY Thrusday

Last night i wrote this whole post and when I tried to post, it all got frozen. I spent about 1/2 hour trying to fix and finally decided to go upstairs... don't know what happened yesterday, but it is all working today. I guess sometimes all we need is a good night of sleep, ah?

So, I decided to...
 and it worked...

Today is another day and I'm now off from work for 5 days...yeah!!! I'm so happy. I need a rest and  I'm going to try to sew a little bit (I have been making some bags and selling them once in a while to have a little extra $)...crochet a little and if the weather changes (which there is promise of change) we are going to try to go to the beach, enjoy the sun and walk in the sand...what a joyful thing. I really hope the sun shines for us.

I have sewn baby blankets and bags for many years, but this last ones are just one of my favorite... simple and with the little crochet edge I put on everything. I am addicted to using this crochet edge... Here is one of the bags I'm sewing: I have made sooooo many of them, but have forgotten to take pictures ... this one is mine. But I'll post pictures of the ones I'm sewing today later.

I'm very excited to also continue some of my projects. I'll show you I have made a bit of progress on my Japanese flower scarf.  It is starting to look a bit like a scarf now ...see...

I have always been a several project kinda girl... soo... I hope I don't overwhelm you when I show the hundreds of projects I have been working on ...I just work better doing a bit of everything and not getting bored by just one project. Although I should say once in a while I obsess over a project ... like my bohemian bag... I just wanted so bad I had to finish...

I was sooo happy with the amazing results.

Well I'll try to post a little bit of what I'm doing this weekend later and I'm really going to enjoy it.

But, before I go here are a few pictures of my knitting/crochet group last week.
The weather was wonderful and we got to knit and crochet outside in my backyard...we always have such a great time together.

We have called our group Knitnite for many, many years but a friend had suggested to change the name and I think I'm going to put it to vote next time we meet...
1st suggestion was :
Chicks with Sticks...:)
give us your suggestion ...

Well, I think I'm going to sew (while a couple loads of laundry are running) and will later post a pattern that my sister has asked me to post here for her (the ripple blanket).
See you all later, Tchau:)


  1. I love the blog, Taci!
    Your work is absolutely beautiful! Besides being your friend, your fan, I'm a very big fan of your work!!

  2. Great projects! Love the sewn bags! Do you have an Etsy shop?

    How many girls are in your knitting and crochet group? I have a lovely group too, we have maybe 12 members but On a regular basis about 5/6 come each week.


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