Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Few Crochet Projects

Just wanted to share a few of my Crochet projects and show you what i have been up to...
I work all day and cannot wait to get home to have a few minutes to seat in my couch with a cup of tea and crochet or knit for a little while. It's my favorite way of relaxing.
I'm always thinking up new projects and have millions of ideas going through my mind.
I hope you enjoy visiting me here and if you see anything you really want to make just drop me a question and I'll do my best to help you.

Brazilian Market Bag

Honey Bunny

Bohemian Water Bottle

Pretty Flower Book Marker

African American Flag Scarf

My Bohemian Bag
I'm just trying to play with putting pictures here. However, I'm very tired and really want to relax a bit and drink my tea and go back to my crochet.
Will try again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. Nighty night. 


  1. The bag is very pretty!
    Welcome to blogging :-)

    1. Thank You Rachell! I was so excited to see your comment. This is my first comment from a person who is not a close friend or family. I'm very excited to. Intone to blog and share my love for art, crochet and knitting! Thx so much! I checked your blog and Loooove the ripple blanket. Sorry but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment yet!!! Still learning... Baby steps:)

  2. Thanks my dear friend! I saw the pattern at attic24. Hers is a lot
    Prettier but I was just trying the patern out n didn't HV enough colors . I'm going to try again now that I have more colors. Fun quick project!


I love to hear all of your comments and I feel special that you took the time to visit me here today :)